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Thread: Four Losses....

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    Four Losses....

    To four of the better teams in the league (Pitt,Hou,SF, Pats) describes that regardless of the players and the coaches we are coming up short. Only SF beat the pants off of us, but in the playoffs at best we'll be is a wild card and probably will lose the first game.

    To get to the next level we need real playmakers. Kerley - at best a good second wr. Keller, if he gets over his injuries, perhaps a decent te. We have no wr to stretch the field and rb is still a disaster. Connor's replacement was a major improvement, but we seem to run between the tackles with guys who couldn't move any kind of pile, given the talent we have (?) on the ol , it would seem we can find (in the draft or fa) someone who can run outside the tackles and/or catch a screen pass. For a club that has sported Curtis Martin, LT, T. Jones in the past the current crew of rbs would seem to grade a "d" . Greene is now showing too many injuries and lacks any real speed, the backups are nothing but questions.
    If Woody is satisfied with 8/8 and seats going empty then there is little that will happen. Tanny's grade is falling each season as he sticks with players that aren't living up to the money he's giving them (and therein is the real problem).

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    We need a playmaking RB. I like have a "ground and pounder" in Greene but man, could you imagine what a fast, shifty guy could do in this offense? I know that guys like MJD and Adrian Peterson don't grow on trees but that's the difference this team needs IMO.

    We're finally starting to get the running game going a little, but when Greene sneaks through the line of scrimmage you just know that he can only "bust it" for a 15 or 20 yard gain at most. We need a guy who run AWAY from people, who can get through a perfectly blocked setup, put a move on the Safety (instead of trying to run him over) and run for 50 yards.

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    the jets never beat teams with winning records, until then, we will just be a average team

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    Playoffs? Playoffs?

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    We beat who we're supposed to beat 90% of the time and lose to who we're supposed to lose to 90% of the time.

    The definition of an average, annual 7-9 win football team.

    We'll never win a Super Bowl that way, unless we find a franchise QB who can get hot for five weeks in January and February. We currently don't have one.

    Just more of the same.


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