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Thread: Thoughts on Yesterday

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    Thoughts on Yesterday

    I am the first one to say F**k moral victories, but this team played a great game for the most part yesterday, and I am not as upset waking up to this loss today as I thought I might be. Fact is we played really well, but made just enough crucial mistakes to lose. On the other hand, in a divisional game, a decent home team should win and hold serve. Not the end of the world to lose to Bradychick at NE in OT by any stretch, and if anything, shows that this division is wide open for the taking. We need to get healthy, win the rest of our home games, and win a few on the road.

    Some thoughts...

    I did not see anyone mention Cromartie dropping a sure int inside NE territory late in the 4th that contributed to our loss. I thought he was the best receiver on this team. Guess not.

    Tony Sparano is an outright disaster and needs to be replaced asap. That shot gun slant call on the 1 yard line on 3rd and 1 first drive 3rd quarter was arguably the worst offensive play call of all time. It's not only that, it is the lack of offensive imagination and creativity. We never see a flea flicker, never see an end around or reverse either, not that it would be automatically successful every time, but what those plays do is keep a defense off balance, and create doubt on the defense instead of creating predictability. How about Tebow running only 1 or 2 plays per game, if I were TT, I would take the first ticket out of here pronto. We were lead to believe that this offense would be original, pioneering, and full of new wrinkles with Tebow, however, the reality of the situation is the only thing Sparano is, is full of is s**t because I see nothing pioneering about our offense at all. The SF game proved that to me when they ran the wildcat more and better than we ever had/have this season. It is ridiculous to me to have a guy like TT on the bench and never use him in the RZ. This offense is so predictable, handoff on first down, throw on 2nd and 3rd, punt, or drive the ball down field and play for FG's. That is the Jets offense. And don't tell me we have no weapons, that is BS. Kerley is fast and elusive. Stephen Hill is fast and could run a reverse or bubble screen. Bottom line is this guy (Sparano) makes Schotty's offense of last year look exciting. Scary thought.
    This guy is clearly in over his head.

    Kudos to our kicker & punter, they both did a great job yesterday, however, ST coverages continue to be a problem. To give up a kickoff return immediately after a 7 minute opening TD drive after deferring, was deflating to say the least, and changed the complexion of the game completely.

    Last but certainly not least, our QB. I do not want to hammer him for that lazy hand off leading to the safety, the fumble at the end that we have seen over and over and over and over, and that pathetic Stephen Hill Int. That INT to Hill was another in a series of Sanchez gaffs that should not happen with a 4th year NFL "franchise" QB. There was another play where Sanchez scrambled around and threw the ball away or hit a RB for 3 yards, but the replay showed that he had Konrad Reuland wide open for a possible TD. This because he has very poor field vision, and always stares down his primary receiver, checking down too often & too quickly. I don't know what to make of this guy anymore, I really don't. That throw to DK for the 4th Quarter TD came from the same arm that underthrew Stephen Hill, wide open for another possible TD and made all of these other mistakes, yet we were right there to win this game..

    Sorry for the long post....

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    Great post, Ash.

    Despite all the Gaffes, Mark did drive the Jets down the field for the tying score. It should've been the go ahead score but it's Tony Sparano. What are you gonna do?

    Mark played just good enough for the Jets to have some shot at winning in the end.

    But alas, the Defense(and good comment on Cro, I forgot about that. He blew the game-ending INT, imo) FAILED.

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    All in all, very proud of our guys for the last 3 games, not only yesterday. The AFC is wide open, if we get healthy as I said, and win our home games remaining which are all VERY winnable (MIA ARI SD NE) and grab a few on the road that are also VERY winnable (STL BUF J-VILLE TN) we could wind up with 10-11 wins possibly. Our QB play is key though, he has got to take care of the football better, & throw more accurately.

    Hate to say this, but if we do win, it will be in spite of our OC, sounds like a familiar ring....



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