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Thread: Everyone played well, everyone played poorly

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    Exclamation Everyone played well, everyone played poorly

    That's really what it came down to.

    Pretty much every player on our team made a good play yesterday, but almost everyone made a bad play too.

    I'll go down the list, but I'm sure there's some that I'm going to miss.

    Cro - Lights out all game, drops a pick that Brady literally threw right to him.

    Greene - Ran fairly well all game, dropped an easy pass (he was going to get stuffed anyway) and played a part in the safety

    Sanchez - Minus a few plays, I think this was one of the best games of his career. Hitting Kerley and Keller for big gains all day but a few head-scratchers. The sack near the end of regulation I don't care as much about. We all know at this point Folk is money, so for me I'll take the clock run-down and 10 yards extra on the field goal.

    O-Line - Played fairly well all day, but Slauson got raped in the ass on that one play and was the main reason for the safety.

    Kerley - Amazing as a receiver and a returner, but needs to know when to just let the ball roll out of the end zone on returns. His decision to not let it bounce also contributed to the safety. My favorite jet right now.

    Hill - Fast as ****, and on his curl route you could see that the corner was respecting his speed. That drop though... that really would have changed the outcome of the game. You have to catch that.

    Keller - Stud. Actually nothing bad to say about him, unless he was poor in the running game, which I didn't notice. He worked hard for a few first downs and is still a great runner in open space. Very under-rated here. He's our best offensive weapon.

    Linebackers - Loved seeing Davis in there. He needs to be a starter now. Bart Scott and Calvin Pace are dead to me. It needs to be David and Maybin on every single play, and Scott and Pace on the bench every play. I don't care what Woody is paying them, both are liabilities, can't get to the passer, and are downright disgusting when it comes to covering a TE or RB.

    D-Line - Great. Not really much else to say. There were a few draws that got them off guard but really the D-Line is solid. Coples and Wilkerson working together is just very satisfying.

    Defense overall - Same ****ing story since Rex got here. Great the whole game, but then horrible in crunch time. I mean come on. What are you thinking with the 3 man rushes with 1:30 to go? You blitz the **** out of him and hit the home run with a strip sack just like they did to us. Playing scared gets you losses. Horrible.


    Overall, I'm not really sure why we lost. We played well enough to win but shot ourselves in the foot at the worst times possible. It's a learning experience and I think it'll be a turning point.

    Miami better look the **** out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rd_Times_A_Charm View Post
    Overall, I'm not really sure why we lost.
    Hint :

    It starts with a 'D' and ends with a Fence.


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