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Thread: The Joke They Call College Football

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    The Joke They Call College Football

    Does anybody seriously follow this crap any more? With all of the recruiting violations, booster/agent player payoffs, teams jumping from league to league, is there a bigger cess pool than college football. Need more proof? Look at some of these week top 25 week 12 matchups:

    Alabama vs Western Carolina
    Florida vs Jacksonville State
    South Carolina vs Wofford
    Georgia vs Georgia Southern

    What a disgrace. And we haven't even gotten into the area of PEDs. Anyone want to offer a guess as to what percent of SEC, Big 10, Pac 10, Big 12, wrc players are one them? Way north of 50% I'd guess.

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    It's a big payday for the smaller schools, but you probably already know that.


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