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Thread: getting a new QB will not fix this franchise Its too far gone

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    getting a new QB will not fix this franchise Its too far gone

    After watching McElroy anybody with football knowledge can see this offense is not even good enough to beat a college team. The OL is terrible they gave up 11 sacks the last time I looked in todays game. I don't think the Jets have a Quality QB on this roster but even a Quality QB could not work in this offense. The Jets WRs are slow and have no separation. the RBs are horrible they cant cut holes and lack break away speed and ability. Part of it has to do with the OL but look at the facts the Jets do not have a top level pro bowl player in any skill position on offense.
    I was for dumping Sanchez but now I changed my mind the Jets need to rebuild first then get a new QB. Drafting and starting a new QB will end with the same result another mentally broken QB. What I would do is keep Sanchez and McElroy let them battle it out for the starting job. then in the draft in the first 3 rounds the Jets need to go after a big prospect RB and WR take whoever is rated the highest first then if there is a cant miss QB prospect in the 3rd round and up draft that QB with the plan to sit him for a few years until this mess is fixed. right now this team is so far gone no QB is going to help it not Vick, Smith, or anyone else so why waste the space. Let Sanchez or McElroy get killed next year while this team rebuilds the OL will also need to be blown up taking OL in the first round doesn't work both Ferguson and Mangold have been subpar and not worth the Money. you are better off using the first half of the draft getting skill players and use the second half drafting OL.
    I know people on this board want a new QB and think this will fix the team it wont it will probably make it worst. after today I see this team will take 2-3 years to rebuild before it will field a competitive team anybody who thinks otherwise wise that a new QB will fix this is fooling themselves.
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