Not for nothing but come on. Most of us saw this season coming. From the lack of offense, to the Tebow nightmare, and just the basic state of our team. Yet our FO including did nothing but prop this sad sack of players up like they were the Monster of the Midway. I am sure these guys are great at what they knew but it sure didnt show this year and they must all go.

The obvious mistake MOST of us saw.

Tebow (What for?)
Starting a Rookie WR who cant catch?????
Still no pass rush
Sanchez extension???
No Big time Rb?
No RT to start the season?

Other things developed through the season that were even worse but are you gong to tell me our FO thought the above were all sound decisions? It just cant be. I am a self proclaimed dummy but how the hell did I know that this season would be a disaster the day we signed Tebow and our team turned into more of a circus then it already was. I have suffered too long we need to start again clean house.
By the way Woody sucks balls too.