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Thread: This Consistency Issue.

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    This Consistency Issue.

    All I keep hearing is the teams with consistency are the most successful. Yes that is true, but are you guys blind? We can't keep the current regime we have going. When it comes to Tanny, you can say, he brought in Cro and Holmes, yes, but my issue is when it comes to depth players. He let players like Wallace Wright, Ben Hartsock, Brad Smith (who got over paid), T-Rich, go for nothing. Those guys were key contributors to going to back to back championship games. You can't defend the guy who is more considered about bringing in star power rather than, depth. And Rex, please?! The guy has not improved as a head coach in four years. Between all the penalties, no accountability, being way too loyal, I don't see how you can stay with this regime.

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    We've been very consistent. We have consistently declined every year under Rex. By all accounts we will continue to decline even more next year if these guys stay.

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    Success breeds consistency, not the other way around. Some people around here seem confused about this.


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