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Thread: New Story: Free Agency Update: Idzik Exercising Patience

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    Post New Story: Free Agency Update: Idzik Exercising Patience

    As we enter the third day of free agency the Jets have released Sione Po'uha, lost Yeremiah Bell (Cardinals), LaRon Landry (Colts), Mike DeVito (Chiefs), Shonn Greene (Titans) and could be on the verge of losing Dustin Keller to the Dolphins. Meanwhile the only additions to the roster are David Garrard and bringing back FB Lex Hilliard, so what gives? What's the plan here? Are they going to sign anybody? What's going on with Revis?

    The answer to all of these questions is patience.

    While the Jets have lost a handful of impact players, lost isn't really the right word since they...


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    LOL you won't find any patience on JI, that's for sure. I wonder though, if most of these guys here want us to trade Revis just to make the draft more exciting as it would give us more picks. I too hate when we have no picks like has been the case lately giving up picks to move up in drafts, but we see that does not always work out like you planned. How many picks we gave up to draft Sanchez, Keller, Harris, and Greene? These guys are all but gone.

    I like what we are doing, not going for over priced questionable talent and basically gutting the roster and rebuilding through the draft and holding on to our picks, and, possibly gaining more.

    I know it is tough but we must have patience ....This is, (as our ex GM always said) "a process" LOL.


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