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Thread: Lets sign Michael Boley

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    Lets sign Michael Boley

    Last I checked he's still a free agent and available to be signed.I don't know why he hasn't attracted any attention,because he clearly has been the Giants best linebacker the last 4 years.He can be a solid addition,and I am not sold on Demario Davis.Davis was so awful,he may not see much more playing time.

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    He is a very underrated Player who I would actually say has been the second best Giant defender behind Paul.Whenever I watch them he makes a key int or sack.Last year he picked off Romo week 1.He also had a huge game vs the Panthers.He had 2 big sacks in the playoffs vs Green Bay 2 years ago.Sleeper.

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    Wasnt he arrested for child abuse?

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    Sign that child abusing beast...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    Wasnt he arrested for child abuse?
    just what the JETS need another criminal on the team,they may need to check with the NFL though they may be at the max for traking bracelets allowed per team already.

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    Out of curiousity, I looked up the report regarding this. A Pre-trial diversionary program...what?

    Apparently, the "abuse" was probably of a physical nature or something like that(not a sexual one), especially that there's no friggin' way he would be allowed a Plea deal that would have him NOT serve any jail time, had the abuse been of a sexual nature.

    He's still a criminal, though. Abuse of any child is the absolute lowest of the low, regardless of what its nature is.


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