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Thread: Who stays and who goes?

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    Who stays and who goes?

    I would like to hear what everyone thinks about players that should stay and players that should be gone after the season. I'll start it off.

    QB: Keep Geno and Simms. They both have potential. Bring in a vet that can actually play unlike Garrard.

    RB: Keep Ivory and Bohanon. Powell is okay but I'd prefer to have a real scat back.

    TE: I like Cumberland and I think we should bring back Winslow for another year.

    WR: I think Nelson and Kerley are keepers. I like Salas as well. Santonio Holmes... not only is he unproductive but he also has a negative impact on the team as a whole. If I were Idzik, Holmes is cut the second after the Dolphins game ends.

    OL: It goes without saying that Ferguson and Mangold are keepers. I think Winters will develop, but Howard and Colon are meh. I would like to see them replaced.

    DL: Should I even say it? Every single D lineman has earned the right to come back next year.

    LB: I'm fine with bringing back our linebacking core. Coples, Harris, and Davis are obvious keepers. Pace and McIntyre are also playing better with our revamped DL.

    CB: I think Milliner is going to develop into a great corner. We saw flashes of what he's capable of today. Cromartie is getting up there in years and isn't playing up to his salary. We're pretty thin as it is so I can see bringing him back but he should be gone in a year or two. Wilson is at least serviceable. I like Trufant as well.

    S: I like Antonio Allen and Dawan Landry. The rest can go.

    ST: Folk is obviously a hero but I don't understand the Quigley signing. Not only does he have an absurd name but he also doesn't seem to be that good. I can't understand why we got rid of Malone.

    Priority positions: We should be looking for one or two WRs, a RB, a few O linemen, an OLB, a corner, and a safety. With the cap space freed up by cutting Holmes and Sanchez, as well as our numerous draft picks this year, we should be able to fill these and make a good run next year if Geno develops.

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    Let's start with the linebackers.
    Harris needs to take a HUGE paycut! He's a LOS linebacker, as soon as teams force him into space he's too slow.
    Davis is a keeper.
    Sign Worilds from Pitt & draft another one.

    Cro is similar to Harris, way overpaid for his production & age. Another Jet that needs to take a HUGE paycut! He won't be sought after by teams. If he balks, call his bluff & cut him telling him we want him back if it doesn't work out for him in FA. Let other teams set his market value.
    If the Titans are stupid enough to expose Verner to FA, him & Milliner could make a nice young duo going forward. Grimes is another guy that has had a great season.
    Also interested in what he does with the safety position (our Achilles heel).
    I think Idzik wants to use this next season to get even younger & that's why Rex is not his choice to develop the newbies they will bring in. His penchant for defending vets who's play has slipped will be his undoing.
    Offense coming next.


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