I agree with the sentiment that Rex should come back next year, he's done a good job with the team this year and a lack of talent on the offensive side with a rookie QB. He has the team playing for him, and given better weapons on offense (which would fall squarely on the GM in the coming offseason) this team could really be dangerous as soon as next year.

However, a one year contract extension is pretty much unheard of, so the Jets would have to offer Rex 2 years on top of next year, so it would be a 3 year extension. So as an owner and GM, would you be ready to commit to Rex for atleast 2 more years? We can't have it one by one.

Second, by retaining Rex, we are shaping the defense (essentially our young core) to fit Rex's defensive schemes. It'd be all Wilkerson is used to, 3rd year for Coples, second for Richardson and Milliner, all Davis is used to as well. A new coach could concievably have a different philosophy that may need different personnel, which would cause a rebuild on our defense as well or worse, cause us to neglect our offense because there aren't players on defense that match the defensive philosophy of the new coach. This would be especially true, if we hire another coach known for defense and he wants to put his own stamp on the defense. With Rex, I think he might admit that it's time to focus on offense with the draft and FA, and possibly get some playmakers on the team.

Personally, I would take the risk and resign Rex, keep MM, and get Geno some playmakers. Woody can afford to fire Rex if he isn't up to standard, and by then we'll know what we have in Geno and some of his weapons. So if we do hire a new coach, they can clean house from top to bottom instead of having a sophomore QB in limbo as well.