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Thread: SAR Apology Thread

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    SAR Apology Thread

    Sorry big guy. Looks like you were correct about this season before TC even started.
    FWIW, i personally never felt you were that off in your predictions, but this thread is for the posters who felt necessary to attack you day in, day out, for simply putting forward your best hypothesis.

    Come along now, all you once rabid posters, and offer SAR a olive branch, so that we may build upon this disastrous season, and unite as one.

    We are Jet fan.

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    WTF is up with these apology threads?

    SAR was an attention seeking, "I lease a BMW so I'm better than you" douche....who cares if he was right or wrong about the dumpster fire...

    The Jets suck therefore we're all losers...there is no consolation prizes for predicting this sh!tstorm...

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