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Thread: 2014-2015 NJ Devils Thread

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    Good win against a depleted Blue Jacket's team. We made it much harder on ourselves tonight and should have blown them out. Our defensemen carried our offense tonight. I can't wait for Cam and Havlet to come back so we can get Zubrus corpse off the first line. Jagr is trying to do too much out there and is turning the puck over like crazy. Elias looks like he's slown down a lot, but I'm hopeful he can turn it around. I also hope he's not injured since that piece of **** Hartnell cheap shot him at the end of the game. You can take Hartnell out of Philly but you can't Philly out of Hartnell. One great thing about this game is that Larsson had a great game and scored the game winning goal. Unfortunately that means Gelinas sits some more. Oh and Greene is still struggling. His man beat him on the second goal. I have no idea why Deboer plays him out of position on the penalty kill. He needs to be on the left side.

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    So Greene had a great game from what I read. Also the goal should've been offsides?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumbalayaJet View Post
    So Greene had a great game from what I read. Also the goal should've been offsides?
    I was watching, but idk if it shouldn't have been offsides. It came during a stupid Zidlicky penalty as usual. Our team actually play one of the best games of the season, but STL is so much better than us. Without Havlet and Cammy we didn't stand a chance. Having Zubrus on our top line is atrocious. He's great a puck possession, but it on pace for 13 points this season. Also Clowe is terrible. Josefson got promoted to the 3rd line, but got demoted to the 4th line after the 1st period because nobody can make Clowe look good. Anyways despite losing I wasn't mad at this game. We played well, but didn't produce. We don't match up well with STL at all.

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    Pitiful game tonight despite the final score. Severson finally had a bad game. He got undressed by Tarasenko on the first goal and out bodied on the second one. I'm not too concerned since he's young and has a large frame. By next season he'll grow into his body more. Despite being pulled I thought Cory played well. He really couldn't have done much on all 3 goals he let in. I was glad to see Pete put in Kinkaid at that point. He wouldn't have known we'd comeback with how we were playing. Kinkaid looked good in his brief appearance and I wish he would have gotten the start vs Detroit tomorrow since Cory needs a rest. Outside of that Josefson and Rutuu were our best players but Zubrus still played over them.

    Oh and I hate to say it but Clowe getting hurt might be for the best. He's a great guy but he has scrambled eggs for brains. It seems this was also a head injury so maybe he hangs them up and we can put him on LTIR'D.

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    There is honestly no reason to watch this team until Henrique, Camm, and Havlet are healthy. I hope we get blown out by Boston and Minnesota so Lou will fire Pete. He's a terrible coach and needs to go. Also hope we sell off some of our veterans for picks. Zids could fetch us a second and is a free agent next year.

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    The owner has a reputation for not spending. I didn't realize this until I read a recent report. The attendance won't improve until the product does. This seems like Wilpons again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumbalayaJet View Post
    The owner has a reputation for not spending. I didn't realize this until I read a recent report. The attendance won't improve until the product does. This seems like Wilpons again.
    Really? I thought it was the opposite. Our new ownership (Harris) has a TON of money unlike Vanderbeek. Everything I've heard he's willing to spend but he will defer to Lou who I think has gotten a little soft. I want Lou to stay, but back in the day he would have faired Pete ages ago. Also I hate how we refuse to rebuild and sign mediocre vets to big contracts.

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    Cory was amazing tonight, but holy **** he's one of the worst puck handling goaltenders in the league. It was very evident on the goal we gave up. Positives are Cammy and Havlet make a huge difference on offense. Cammy is like a mini Parise and fits perfectly in the offense. Even though Elias didn't finish on his scoring chances but he looks so much better with Havlet in the line up. Josefspn was AWESOME tonight he should have played more. Hopefully when Henrique comes back they play on the same line. I was glad to see Hegleson score a point tonight. Hopefully Salvador misses a few more games and he makes him obsolete. We did not miss Salvador at all tonight and our PK showed it. Also props to Larsson for sticking up for Cory tonight. He got into it with a few Wild players and seems to be playing with and edge. He was probably our best defenseman tonight.

    7-7-2 Let's go Devils!

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    It's obvious that if either Havlat and/or Cammy are not in the lineup, the Devils offense would resemble the one that couldn't get ANYTHING last season in the back of the net.

    Devils need more help at the forward position.

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    Big win tonight against the Caps. Holtby pulled a Cory and it cost them the game. Great pressure by Jagr on Holtby and thank god it was Cam who was there ready to shoot it. Cory was outstanding tonight, Josefson looked good again tonight, and so did Larsson. Larsson blocked a ton of shots and made Ovi his *****. Oh and our PK is now 8/8 without Sal. He should be glued to the bench for the rest of the year.

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    Not much to say outside of Cory we played really well until the end of the game. He let in two softies and then Zajac messed up at the end of the game. It's terrible that we didn't even get a point out of this game.

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    Our offensive lineup should be:

    Tootoo-Brunner (depending on injuries/team)

    If only Pete wasn't a dumbass.

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    Sucked it last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache 51 View Post
    Sucked it last night.
    I'd love to make the playoffs because we have the vets to make a special run, but secretly I'm hoping we pull a 2011 where we miss the playoffs and win the lotto. A top 2 pick in this draft could turn around this franchise as long as Lou doesn't sign or trade for anymore so so players on big deals.

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    Pete is sitting Josefson tonight against The Jets. He's such a ****ing moron. Josefson has been playing great and without him we wouldn't have beaten the Jets the last time.

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    PK is 13/13 with Sal out. I bet Pete's dumbass puts him back in the lineup when he's healthy, and uses him on the top PK pairing again.

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    Good win tonight against a terrible Oilers team. We started out horrible and only got four shots on goal in the first, but then had 19 shots in the 2nd period. Glad to have Henrique back. His break away goal was beautiful and almost hand another short handed goal. The Rutuu-Josefson-Ryder line needs to play more. Rutuu has actually been one of our best players so far this season and now has 4 goals. He score on a GREAT pass from Gelinas who had two assists tonight. PK was great again tonight. I believe we are now 18/18 or 20/020 I forget since Salvador's injury. Zidlicky has another stupid penalty tonight in the 3rd period. He took a 4 min double minor for high sticking Yak in the face. It seems like every game he does something stupid. Cory was great tonight. He wasn't asked to do much but made key saves tonight. I wish we didn't send Kinkaid back to the AHL. This would have been the perfect game to play him against a ****ty team. Especially since we play again tomorrow against a hot Calagary team. Deboer is going to run him into the ground. At least he finally made the correct lineup.

    Loved how Edmonton was playing Don't Stop Believing after the game haha.
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    Tough lost tonight against Calagry. This wasn't like the normal type of Devils blown lead where Pete ices some stupid line up. This was just crap luck. I didn't believe in starting Clemmeson tonight, but he played well. Some how I knew we'd still go into OT. Once they made it 4-3 with 1:13 left I told my friend this would be an OT game. If only Jagr held onto the puck instead of throwing a blind pass back in front of the empty net we might have killed off the clock. I swear this team is not allowed to score empty net goals. The first game when we scored one was a fluke and Cammy didn't know the rules. We should have had two points.

    Good news is Larsson still looks great and our PK has returned. We're 22/22 or 23/23 now since Sal's been injured. Larsson is a beast. Helgelson has also looked good as a Sal replacement. He's got a bright future as a stay at home physical defenseman.


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