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Thread: Anyone else disappointed with Madden 15 playbook options?

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    Anyone else disappointed with Madden 15 playbook options?

    Trying to run a Chip Kelly-style offense exclusively from a bunch open formation. Can't do it (or really any other offense from any other formation), because the combination of plays that make all of them so effective aren't all in the formation (like 3 good plays are...).

    Unless I'm missing something.

    Looking for a formation that has:

    1. Inside zone read option (with the HB going towards the bunch)
    2. HB stretch
    3. PA Read option
    4. Verticals
    5. Levels with the TE being the one running the 10-12 yard in, NOT the flanker
    6. Mesh with the drag zone option route and the HB wheel
    7. WR screen
    8. Snag/spot (and snag/spot corner)

    Not even 10 plays, and Madden has to make running a true, real life offense impossible. Doubt any other formations have them all anyways, but I'd prefer bunch, since mesh and snag/spot are predicated on getting a good rub against man (the one thing Madden 15 emulated decently).
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