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Thread: Corruption Trial Of Top NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) Aide Joseph Percoco Starts

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    Corruption Trial Of Top NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) Aide Joseph Percoco Starts

    Corruption trial of ex-top Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco to kick off Monday

    By John Riley

    January 21, 2018

    Sixteen months ago, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s top aide, Joseph Percoco, was indicted in one of a string of Albany corruption scandals, then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said he wasn’t looking for any plea deals.

    “I really hope that there is a trial in this case,” Bharara said at a news conference unveiling the charges, “so that all New Yorkers can see, in gory detail, what their state government has been up to.”

    Bharara was fired by President Donald Trump last year, but his wish is about to come true: The high-profile trial of Percoco and three co-defendants on charges that he was bribed to exercise influence on behalf of a power company and Syracuse developers starts Monday in a federal court in Manhattan.

    Expected to last four to six weeks, the trial will have plenty of seamy detail about backroom dealings, court filings suggest — from jokes about wanting more “zitti” in alleged coded references to bribes taken from “The Sopranos,” to using clout to influence state agencies and routing over $300,000 in alleged payoffs to Percoco through his wife.

    And, although Cuomo isn’t charged with wrongdoing, his reelection campaign and national ambitions may form a backdrop to a case in which both lead defendant Percoco and the star government witness, lobbyist Todd Howe, the conduit for the alleged bribes, were trading off long relationships with him.

    Indeed, while Cuomo is not expected to be a witness, he may make cameo appearances in testimony, including one instance where prosecutors say Howe and Percoco used him as a prop to show their clout by having “gov” drop by during a meeting with the Syracuse developers in the executive chamber.

    “That would be great!” Howe allegedly emailed in response to Percoco’s suggestion. “Worth another crate of Zitti!”

    Percoco, 48, of South Salem, is a Cuomo family insider dating back to Mario Cuomo’s governorship — a “third son” who came to serve as Andrew Cuomo’s executive deputy secretary, with a reputation as a political enforcer with an office just steps away from the governor’s.

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