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    2019 draft

    Edited at 4/25 due to trade with Seattle and KC and some changes after talking to a friend. OK no posts happening but hey Ill keep at least a mock going. Havent been into this year at all thou.

    1 Zona - Kyler Murray - QB- I still dont get the pick but everyone and there mother have him going 1 now. Massive reach and there seems to be plenty of takings for Rosen. Bosa would be my pick. Metrix have Q Williams as the most logical thou. This is why Im out this year. The stupidity of this #1 is just there to see. I dont even see Murray as a 2nd round talent. QB is getting devalued if guys like him are viable options now.
    2 SF - Nick Bosa - Edge - If he doesnt go 1 everyone has him going 2. Bosa has been told by Zona and/or SF he is going. That is why he isnt going to work out for the Jets.
    3 Jets - Q Williams DT - I hope they go OL but yeah Q is the guy that is #1 on their list.
    4 Oakland - Josh Allen - Pass Rusher - I think this goes down to Williams or Allen. Oakland has a few picks here so this can go either way. Both DL and pass rush is very strong in this draft. Pass Rush is always the better value over DT thou.
    5 TB - Montez Sweat - Pass Rusher - Health rumors have kept his stock low on a lot of boards but this guy fits too many needs and Ds to not go high. Williams and White seems to be the popular picks here but Im going with my gut feeling. Honestly if the Jets took a Pass Rusher this would be the guy I would want. Bowels will get what he never had here in this guy.
    6 Giants - Devin Bush LB - They love this guy. Had them taking him at 17 but 6 actually seems more likely unless someone falls. OL is possible but this D needs something and Bush is a great fit.
    7 Jax - Jawaan Taylor LT Taylor falls in there laps. Honestly I still think this is either Willaims or Taylor. Jax is pretty focused on this one. It will start the OL run.
    8 TRADE - Washington Haskins QB - This is the spot where your likely to see someone trade up IMO. Washington doesnt have to give up the farm to jump over Den, Cinci, and Miami. Detroit is shopping this 8 spot heavy by all reports. Detroit is looking at DL and it doesnt look like that have a favorite. I dont see anyone giving up the farm for anyone in this QB class but a 2nd rounder to jump up a few spots to grab your guy isnt bad value. Miami will likely be in play here too I just think the FO is set on next years QB class.
    9 Buff - J William OL - Anther team that could go OL but Buff has huge holes on DL and OL they need to fill. I had Buff going DL but Williams falls into there lap I cant see them passing. Put him anywhere on this line and it is an upgrade.
    10 Denver - Ed Oliver DL - he is getting a big late push. I think it is him or White neither are positions that command a lot of high priority so Im mixed here. Given the Jets love this guy for some reason Ill give him the BOD. Id take White or Gary but I see Oliver going high and he has been a name all year. Got to go with initial draft talk.
    11 Cinci - Cody Ford OL - Dillard had the better combine but Cody is the better player. OL flies off the board ealy these days. Cinci is looking for QB value but I dont think they are thrilled with anyone here. Andy gets anther year.
    12 Packers - Devin White LB - Good fit good fall and a hufe need. It is all too perfect. To any other team I would love this pick.
    13 Miami - D.K. Metcalf WR - Miamis O just looks like a mess here. I can see Hockenson or a OL here as well. Metcalf is their best value IMO. Blazing 40 soft hands and works well for a team like Miami who isnt looking to win many games this year.
    14 Atlanta - Bradbury OL - Seems early to me but he is a good fit for Atlanta right now. They are looking to take a IOL right now. Looks to be between Bradberry or Risner. Normally you see runs on OL when the class looks this good.
    15 TRADE Lions - Clelin Ferrell - One of my favorite players here. It is a good fall for Detroit who gets what they want and add some more value
    16 Panthers - Greedy Williams CB - You have to have a DB in the top 16 right?
    17 Giants - Gary DL - Honestly this pick can go any way. I can see OL, TE, QB, or WR here. Again I think the Giants are targeting D here thou. The O may just be good enough.
    18 Minni - Andre Dillard OL - I like Little more but they guy had a great Combine. I see a ton of people projecting OL here.
    19 Tenn - TJ Hockenson TE - I can see NE trying to trade up to get this guy. It is a good fit for Tenn who needs a young TE and anther weapon. Seems like a slide but he is a hard target to fit. Maybe the 5-6 most talent player in this draft. Hate to call a rookie a future HOF guy but I can see it here.
    20 Steelers - Byron Murphy CB - Best DB here just makes a lot of sense. I feel like I have them taking a CB every year and they never do thou. Maybe they can trade Haden or just cut him and save 10mil. Just isnt the same player and he is over 30 now.
    21 Seattle - Brian Burns Edge - BPA nice fall great fit in this D.
    22 TRADE Oakland Josh Jacobs - If Oakland wants Josh I think they may have to move up a few spots. If Burns doesnt drop maybe Seattle takes him. I cant see them passing on Burns thou now.
    23 Texans - Little OL - Little was my #1 LT to start the year. This OL class just looks that good I dont even question him going this late. That said this is a great pick for Houston who has been looking at all OL. I hear a few people linking them to McGary but I cant see taking him over Little. Howard seems likely too. SOOO many OL to pick from here IDK.
    24 TRADE Balt - Hakeem Butler WR - Seems to be their guy. Not by any means my top WR but he fits.
    25 Philly - Christain Wilkins DL - Good fit
    26 Colts - Rock Ya-Sin CB - Actually think he is hands down the best DB talent in this draft.
    27 Oakland - Noah Fant TE - I oddly think Oakland is targeting 3 guys and I have them landing all 3.
    28 Chargers - Jeffery Simmons DL - His stock has had a late rise IDK SD is trying to win a SB not build. This pick just makes sense.
    29 Seattle - Kaleb McGary OL Going with pure value here. Seattle needs some help on O. They could take a WR here but OL are key and they are getting great value here.
    30 GB Dalton Risner OL
    31 Rams Jerry Tillery DL
    32 NE - AJ Brown WR
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