Is it just me or is Cannon is a long shot to make the team? I get it they want him returning kicks but he just doesnt show anything. McGuire showed why he should make this team as the #3 IMO and Cannon did nothing in STs. I think it will be a question of do you even keep a 4th TB and should it be Powell or Cannon if you even do. The passing game looks solid. Seimen and Falk both looked good. Webb played himself off the roster IMO. Would love to see more catches out of the BU TEs but they played well here. RBs and WRs looked like they where running the most dynamic O we have seen in 15 years. The D was playing games all night. Williams is still molding them. You could tell he had them playing out of their comford zone on purpose. Would have loved to have seen one pass block thou. I feel like you need someone spraying ice hot under the arms of some of these DBs. Jones played very well here thou. I dont think any of them really got manhandled.