QB - Sams out but that may be a plus. Cleveland will need to shift their game plan now. If Thomas passes his physical he plays and they have worked together in the past. Sieman is a proven vet and Falk looked really good in preseason. Honestly Id say either one is better then anything we have had sense 08. Either one I think is a better option then what we threw at them last year.

RB - Bell injured but it doesnt look bad. With Sienam in expect a lot more 2 RB sets. Which is good because our TEs and WR depth sucks. What makes this matchup key is it is a strong point for us and they downgraded their Run D big time this off season. We should be able to run a lot more here then we did week 1.

TE Eh we suck till the starter gets back.

WR I think if Thomas plays we have a better shot here. Tenn used physical WR to dominate last week Thomas and Bellamy can play that game. Crow is a safety blanket here. I think they will activate Malone too. One PS guy is likely to be added either way. We dont need to go deep here to win just control the clock.

OL Everyone seems to be killing the OL but they didnt play bad at all week one. Barely worked with each other at all if any prior to the game too. The more this group works together the better they will get. Cleveland isnt as dominate as the Bills I expect a much better game here.

DL Cleveland has a better run game then Buff did but this DL is still not letting anyone run on them IMO. Not really worried. I think we will see more pass rush here too as Clevelands OL isnt any better either.

LBs Dont know here our LB core is a mess. Not much good I can say. Jenkins needs to play better then he did last week.

DBs. Im still not too worried here. Yeah they are going to burn us a few times but we can make Mayfield eat that ball a few times too. Just need the O to take better advantage when we do. Not scared of OBJ when Mayfield doesnt scare me going deep.

ST Fricken just make a FG PLEASE. It REALLY isnt that hard.