We all know we are targeting OL this FA. I have 8 names Im hearing off the bat.

Graham Glasgow C/G, Thuney G, and Jack Conklin are the 3 I see the most smoke around. I figure we will spend about 35 mil on OL so it is likely Conklin or Thuney I dont see both. Hoping it is Conklin latest rumor say as soon as the legal tampering period starts they have him on speed dial to work a deal. Until the then thou it is all speculation. Glasgow is a fit the Jets will likely be a bidder. Brandon Scherff is mentioned in just as many rumors as the 1st 3. I havent seen anything from the FO yet to suggest it. My guess is he is a BU plan. Clemmings they will look they have too. But it is a good high upside low risk if he can get healthy signing. Daryl Williams his name just keeps popping up. It wouldnt shock me at all. Andrus Peat this team has a lot of NO ties in the coaching staff. If they dont bring back Alex Lewis is my guys is Peat is in the mix. Evan Boehm havent really heard much but it all fits. He is a good C that has ties the the staff and runs the system. NO and Miami are trying to sign him I cant see why this staff wouldnt toss an offer at him too. I just dont think signing a C is going to happen till later in FA. They arent going to over pay here like they have the last 3 years.

KIM your likely talking only 30-35 mil to spend outside of OL. So yeah Im giving them 1st booking.

WR honestly I dont see a huge push here. Looks like they did offer Anderson a deal but it isnt what he is asking for. Im shocked they even did that. Other then that Pharoh Cooper not Amari seems to be the name Im seeing in rumors. I think a lot of the Amiri talk is fans hearing Cooper and not realizing there are 2 Coopers. They arent looking to spend over 1/3 of their budget on WRs here. Seems more and more likely that they will take at least 2 WRs in this draft and go cheap in FA here.

BU QB I have heard it is just Fales. I can see them going after Nate Sudfeld thou. It looks like he is moving on from Philly and could find himself picking where he wants to be a BU. He has NY ties it wouldnt shock me is all. They should again spend 2-3 mil here he will be in that price range. I just find it hard to believe this isnt a priority they arent drafting one.

Every name is popping up here but one thing is constant. They arent looking to pay 10+ mil to anyone on this market. Austin looked good at the end of the year so Im not even sold they are really looking to resign Poole. I would think they will look to steal one of the Saints CBs. They could very likely just decide to retool here all together.

Pass Rusher/DL They arent going to give Jenkins big money. They are looking to resign guys here but they arent looking to overpay to keep people. Each week Im seeing a different name thou. Robert Quinn, Vic Beasley, and Fowler are the 3 names I have seen the most. The Titans, Saints, and NE all have guys in FA I see us looking at.