No one is here but I figure put up a few posts. Bell was cut after really failing to live up to his top money deal. Now I supported the signing but many felt it was a mistake. Bell said on a few occasions how he never wanted to play here so I was shocked we signed him. This is yet anther instance on how everything Mac did blew up in our faces. Im not blaming Bell here we should have never bid on him. He played good but not 10 mil a year good. They couldnt even get a 6th rounder for him in trade and I will give it to this GM for just cutting bait. Bell didnt want to play here and Gase never really wanted him. Gase not wanting him again is a fail on the GM not Gase. As with Tebow you cant sign a guy your coach doesnt feel fits needs and expect it to work out well. Your coach needs to coach guys but your GM needs to sign guys your coach wants or fits the system. This draft or signing talent to win isnt really what good teams do. Talent wins but you need a system to work and you need the proper talent for that to happen. Im actually glad this GM will cut bait in bad situations rather then letting it get toxic.