You can all speculate here but I think a huge reason Bell is gone is actually more on Perines comments not Bells. Gase is here to build players not pamper stars. Perine was hurt but was being eased into a roll before that. Gore is here to mentor him that was supposed to be his roll. Now I think Gase should say OK you think your good prove it. Give him 25 touches and tell Sam to try to target him a few times and see what the kid can really do. That said if he doesnt produce early Im not sure Gase can shut it down quickly without fallout. The next 4 games he need to establish a pace and going 3 and out evaluating a RB isnt a smart idea. Is this really Gases big gamble? IF he can show Perine, Becton, Mims, QWilliams, Austin, Hewitt, and Sam are starter quality by the end of the year that is his main goal. Wins and looses just dont seem to be a focus right now.