Ill run a few points here.
1. We are actually developing guys. Say what you will about Gase but we are actually seeing guys improve. For all the talk about replacing Sam he isnt a turnover machine right now and he is hitting his marks and showing intangibles. The talent just isnt around him but yes it seems like Gase is still treading a line of caution till he does. Sam will get anther year will Gase on this path thou? QW, Becton, Lewis, and Hewitt have turned into legit starters. Q has had a great year so far the rest of the DL needs work. The rest of Macs DL look washed up now and we struck out in FA to improve it. If Perine, Mims, and Zuniga get on the field I think we are talking a solid base of guys finally all developed in house. It isnt a lot but it is a lot more then we saw under the last coach and it could be a solid base to build around. Zuniga I can almost see making this D much better if he has anything at all in him. If he is a legit talent Williams will show it as soon as he can. We seem to be running out of LB options quick

2. Cap. We right now have over 100mil in cap to spend next year. Hard to say the exact amount but figure 80-85 free cap and 20-24 in carry over. Not including you have Fant and Anderson who right now you figure are cap cuts AND THAT IS 16 MIL. This is a big number but this GM went after about 18 top 50 FA last year and we only signed 1. That said you also see as many as 12 teams looking into cap hell next year. So we should be setting the market on every big name. Yeah we can overpay for a guy or two we have the cap. Yes we have a few good FA but nothing that is going to break that number. Hewitt, Maye, and maybe a CB may not use up that 16 mil if signed right. The rest are FODDER. The best part is your talking 11 picks mostly 1st 4 rounds and a already solid guy base so you dont need to overpay or filler. The only down side in this is how much dead cap space we may have.

3. picks. Where as Im not too excited about this draft your talking. We have 7 picks in the 1st 4 rounds and yes people might now like Gase coaching but again he can develop talent there is no doubt about that. If we have a good draft your talking 5 starters year one and a few roll players. That is what I have always wanted to see. No wasting picks to get a QB because we already have one.

4. I was not a huge fan of Sam when we drafted him so Im not just fan boying here. I think we finally have our QB. 4 games only 4 INTs and only 2 are actually his fault by my count. He can complete more then 60% of his passes and shows a lot of 2nd level intangibles. He has had the Geno treatment playing with his 5,6 and 8th string WRs and still hasnt looked that bad. No run game and a right side that may get him killed. Im not making excuses he is no Allen or Jackson I said that on draftday. That said he is better then Mayfield who has more around him then any of them. To automatically call it just because the team is loosing seems like the wrong call to me. He is playing 5x better then anyone we have drafted sense Penny. Now Ill also say this I havent liked a Jets QB sense Vinny. Yeah that is right I never bought into Penny, Farve, Sanchez or Fitz like most did. Maybe Ainge but drugs ruined him that is a hard call as a fan. Sam looks like he is a NFL QB and is only 23. I love those odds. IMO Sanchez never looked like an NFL QB. EVERY LOL

5. The OL. This group will only get better. Have to like what your seeing in Becton, Lewis, and McGovern. IMO this was the 3 biggest moves in this GMs off season. Becton as a pick, Lewis as a resign, and McGovern as his one big FA signing. He hit a HR on all 3 and your talking 3-6 years they could be a solid team. I am also hoping Cameron Clark can earn a roll on his return. Put him at C and shift McGovern to RG and it could be a game changer. Fant has so far been a bust FA who cant hold a full time spot but if we correct RG I think that evens out a lot.

6. Covid - Yeah this is an odd one. We are in maybe the best shape for any Cap adjustments. If they do lower the cap we could likely be one of the only 6 teams offering big money year one or big one year deals. The opt outs also put a few teams in a weird dead money spot. Us and the Pats took advantage of it better then anyone. It is a big reason there are so many in cap hell next year. If the owners press to lower the cap because of lost revenue it could only end well for us. Also as a team that shares stadium cost our owners should be less likely to try to penny pinch.

7. The draft. As much as a post covid draft scares me it lines up well for any team that doesnt want a QB. We should have our pick of 2 solid RTs, 2 solid pass rushers, and as many as 4 solid WRs to go for our biggest needs. Never mind a DEEP CB and OL group in 2-3 rounds. The talent lines up nicely with our needs. If we get in a good position we can even trade back to a QB needy teem and let them take a risk. This is my hope here as this QB class has a lot of hype but 0 proven talents that rate good on a normal none covid scale.