OK so we play Miami next week.

I really see this as a gift after blowing the easy game in out 1st half. We are not beating KC or Buff so if we break the streak this is the week. I was hoping to face Tua not Fitz but Im not scared of either. We actually get a favorable matchup IMO. I like our D vs this O. We dont need to rush Fitz to get him to make bad throws he does that on his own. Fitz somehow pulled off one good game last week. He never has 2 in a row. lol Miami is still a wreck. They picked up talent on D but if Indy, the Bills, and SF didnt get 4+ sacks on us Im not real scared of Miami. lol We should have more players back too. Ever week I expect us to get healthier. Joe or Sam here I like as a guy that will not give up easy point to Miami. Will they be able to score some is more the question.