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Thread: OFFICIAL Mini Camp Roster

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    OFFICIAL Mini Camp Roster

    1(1) K Chris Naggar Rookie SMU (UDFA)
    2(2) QB Zach Wilson Rookie BYU (DRAFT PICK)
    3 (3) WR Manasseh Bailey Morgan State (VETERAN on the Eagles and Chargers last year)
    4(8) WR Elijah Moore Mississippi (DRAFT PICK)
    5 (22) S Jordyn Peters Auburn (UDFA)
    6 (25) CB Brandin Echols Kentucky (DRAFT PICK)
    7 (30) DB Michael Carter Duke (DRAFT PICK)
    8 (32) RB Michael Carter North Carolina (DRAFT PICK)
    9 (33) CB Zane Lewis Air Force (Veteran on the Jets last year)
    10 (35) RB Pete Guerriero Monmouth (Veteran on the Jets last year)
    11 (36) Isaiah Dunn CB Oregon State (UDFA)
    12 (41) Jason Pinnock CB Pittsburgh (DRAFT PICK)
    13 (44) Jamien Sherwood LB Auburn (DRAFT PICK)
    14 (45) Hasmah Nasirildeen LB Florida State (DRAFT PICK)
    15 (46) Milo Eifler LB Illinois (UDFA)
    16(47)Daniel Crawford TE Northern Illinois(TRYOUT)
    17(48) Kenny Yeboah TE(Mississippi) (UDFA)
    18(50 )Michael Dwumfour DL Rutgers (UDFA)
    19 (51) Brendon White LB Rutgers (UDFA)
    20(55) Hamilcar Rashed DL Oregon State (UDFA)
    21(64) Tristen Hoge OL BYU (UDFA)
    22(66) Teton Saltes OL New Mexico (UDFA)
    23(68) Parker Ferguson (OL) Air Force (UDFA)
    24(72) Mustafa Johnson DL Colorado (TRYOUT)
    25(75) Alijah Vera Tucker OL USC(DRAFT PICK)
    26(78) Grant Hermanns OL Purdue (UDFA)
    27 (81) Steven Mitchell WR USC (TRYOUT 4th year with the Rams Texans )
    28 (85) Trevor Davis WR California (TRYOUT 6th year Packers Raiders Dolphins Bears Washington )

    29(86) Damion Willis WR Troy (TRYOUT) was with bengals and jaguars and browns last year

    30 (96) Jonathan Marshall DL Arkansas (DRAFT PICK)
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