's first round
No. Team Player Pos. College Prev. or High/Low

1 Bengals Carson Palmer QB USC 1st 1/1
Jon Kitna isn't a long-term answer at quarterback, which has prompted the Bengals to look at franchise quarterback prospects. They are also considering Terence Newman, who would provide an immediate impact at cornerback.

2 Lions Charles Rogers WR Michigan State 2nd 2/2
The Lions still have Rogers atop their board despite recent off-the-field concerns. Rogers will be a huge boost for Joey Harrington as the Lions try to put together a passing game that will actually put some fear in opponents. They need a lot more help with their aerial attack, but this will be a great foundation to build from.

3 Texans Andre Johnson WR Miami (Fla.) 3rd 3/8
David Carr needs a dynamic weapon to boost his chances of leading a productive passing game. Johnson has the tools to create matchup problems all over the field. It would allow Corey Bradford and Jabar Gaffney to work as complements. Houston could still also trade down if the right offer comes their way. If that's the case, Jordan Gross and Terrell Suggs will be targets.

4 Bears Dewayne Robertson DT Kentucky 7th (+3) 4/11
Robertson would bring the Bears much needed interior penetration and youth as they look to bring a more active defensive line. Terrell Suggs could also remain a consideration here. Considering their enormous need for an edge rusher, it will be tough letting Suggs pass through their fingers.

5 Cowboys Terence Newman CB Kansas State 5th 5/5
Bill Parcells wants to transform the Cowboys into a more aggressive defense. Having a true shutdown cornerback to pair with Derek Ross would allow the Cowboys to take more chances to make big plays and create turnovers. The Cowboys also have some interest in Terrell Suggs, who would be a huge boost to their pass rush. It's also possible the Cowboys could trade down, but it would take the right deal to make that happen.

6 Cardinals Terrell Suggs DE Arizona State 4th (-2) 3/6
The Cardinals desperately need a blue-chip pass rusher after putting only 20 sacks on the board last season. The lack of a top edge rusher has really made the Cardinals' defense vulnerable over the last couple years. If Suggs doesn't fall here, the Cardinals would consider options to move down.

7 Vikings Marcus Trufant CB Washington State 6th (-1) 6/11
The Vikings would love Dewayne Robertson to fall to them. They could add Jimmy Kennedy, but there are mixed reviews regarding Kennedy. They are considering their options with Marcus Trufant, who could would be considered a huge boost to their rebuilt secondary. Trufant would join Denard Walker to give the Vikings a significantly upgraded set of corners.

8 Jaguars Byron Leftwich QB Marshall 8th 9/20
The Jaguars are potentially stuck in terms of the value that could be here. They would love a playmaker on offense, but that doesn't look like an option here. Marcus Trufant also intrigues them because he has the physical tools to blend naturally into Jack Del Rio's defense, but he could be off the board. They will also consider Jordan Gross because they have a huge numbers problem across the offensive line. But it will be tough to pass on Byron Leftwich. The Jaguars really like his makeup and Mark Brunell isn't getting any younger.

9 Panthers Jordan Gross OT Utah 15th (+6) 3/15
The main focus early for the Panthers will be the offensive side of the ball. But they will strongly consider Marcus Trufant if he falls into their lap because John Fox privately has concerns whether the Terry Cousin-Reggie Howard combo at cornerback can duplicate their success over the long term as a starting tandem. If Trufant is off the board, then Gross is the pick here. The Panthers have a hole at right tackle since cutting Chris Terry, and Todd Steussie isn't that highly regarded at left tackle by the organization.

10 Ravens Jimmy Kennedy DT Penn State 9th (-1) 4/11
The Ravens could possibly trade up a few spots for Byron Leftwich, their target of choice. They also like Kyle Boller, but would rather trade down to select him. But that isn't saying the Ravens won't pull the trigger when it comes down to making the selection on Saturday. Kennedy and Kevin Williams will be strong options to upgrade their size along the defensive front. They also like Jordan Gross and Marcus Trufant.

11 Seahawks Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State 13th (+2) 11/13
The Seahawks wouldn't mind if Marcus Trufant falls here; they could also try trading up for Terrell Suggs if he falls past Arizona. But their most likely option will be a defensive tackle, which is a primary need. Williams has been moving up the boards for the last two months due to his intriguing blend of size and quickness. They will also consider William Joseph, who has very intriguing athletic tools and interior pass rush skills.

12 Rams Boss Bailey LB Georgia 12th 12/25
The Rams would love to get Marcus Trufant, but that will be tough. They would really like to add another linebacker with speed on the perimeter. This is a little high for Bailey and the Rams really didn't want to be forced into taking him, hence their proactive attempt to sign Peter Sirmon to an offer sheet last week. But Bailey will bring more athleticism to the Rams' defense. A defensive lineman could be a dark-horse pick here with a few Rams slated for free agency next spring.

13 Jets (from Redskins) William Joseph DT Miami 11th (-2) 11/19
The Jets still lack that dominant interior pass rusher who can bring their whole pass rush together. Joseph offers a lot of potential as an interior pass rusher. And he can work on building strength while working in a rotation with Jason Ferguson and Josh Evans inside. Eric Steinbach will also get consideration here as the Jets need a young guard.

14 Patriots
(from Bills) Jonathan Sullivan DT Georgia 14th 14/15
Rebuilding the front seven is Bill Belichick's top priority as he also attempts to tweak the secondary with another reliable veteran. The Patriots really need someone up front who will draw attention away from Richard Seymour. It wouldn't be a surprise, though, if Belichick trades into the top 10 for Dewayne Robertson or Jimmy Kennedy.

15 Chargers Jerome McDougle DE Miami 25th (+10) 15/25
The Chargers are really counting on one of the top five defensive tackles falling to them here, but there is a strong possibility that won't happen. If the Chargers can't trade down, they have a tough decision here. They would have to really reach for the next tackle or cornerback on the board if they stick to their priority of upgrading their defense. They could then opt for McDougle because the Chargers could use more pass rush depth and Raylee Johnson is getting up in years.

16 Chiefs E.J. Henderson LB Maryland 16th 14/19
The Chiefs would love to come out of the first day with another linebacker. Although they re-signed Mike Maslowski, Henderson would be a stud in the middle of their defense. Henderson would make a huge impact on their run defense. They will also consider a pass rusher here despite signing Vonnie Holliday, and would love to see one of the top defensive tackles fall to them. A cornerback is also a possibility, but they would be reaching here.

17 Saints Eric Steinbach OG Stanford 20th (-3) 9/20
The Saints are trying aggressively to trade up for a top cornerback. But they may have to settle for other options. They wouldn't mind getting another guard and moving Kendyl Jacox inside to the pivot. They really like the toughness that Steinbach or Jeff Faine would provide.

18 Saints
(from Dolphins) Troy Polamalu S Southern California 27th (+9) 18/
The Saints love the speed and aggressiveness of Polamalu, who would team up with Tebucky Jones to give the Saints more speed from the safeties this season. The Saints will also be keeping their eye on cornerbacks, but it is a little bit of a reach to go with one at 17 or 18.

19 Patriots Taylor Jacobs WR Florida 26th (+7) 12/26
The Patriots would like a bigger receiver to add balance within their passing game. Jacobs isn't quite as physical as the Patriots might prefer, but he's a polished athlete who would fit well in Charlie Weis' passing game. The Patriots could also consider E.J. Henderson if he was available. The wild-card pick is reaching up to take Willis McGahee since they have two picks in the opening round. But no matter how many picks you have in the first round, you must be absolutely certain about them.

20 Broncos Kwame Harris OT Stanford 21th (+1) 20/26
Mike Shanahan will have a tough choice here. They need cornerbacks, and Shanahan has reached here a couple times in the last few years. Would he be inclined to do it again here? If Jerome McDougle is off the board, there is mixed debate regarding the value Chris Kelsay or Michael Haynes at this spot. Shanahan normally doesn't target offensive linemen this high, but the Broncos really need a significant talent upgrade at offensive tackle. Ephraim Salaam isn't really a long-term answer at left tackle and Matt Lepsis has leveled off over the last couple seasons.

21 Browns Jeff Faine OL Notre Dame 24 (+3) 21 /
Butch Davis could possibly trade up if the right deal comes along for a linebacker or offensive lineman. The Browns also will be looking at cornerbacks who present good matchup ability downfield. But Faine could be the safest pick. The Browns love Faine's tenacity and ability to finish blocks. He would provide more push inside than Dave Wohlabaugh did, and having him would keep Melvin Fowler at guard.

22 Jets Reshean Mathis CB Bethune-Cookman 22 /
The Jets wouldn't mind adding another corner with speed, especially since they hope to work in more man coverage this season, although their personnel isn't well-suited for such a move. The Jets are very intrigued by the potential of Mathis. They aren't afraid to reach, as proven with Bryan Thomas last April. Tennessee's Kelley Washington could remain a possibility, but the Jets feel they can get good value later.

23 Bills Andre Woolfork CB Oklahoma 18th (-5) 15/
The Bills are considering a few options here, including trading down. They could go with a defensive lineman such as Ty Warren to enhance their depth upfront. They also will consider a cornerback as I mentioned in past due to impending free agency for Antoine Winfield and reserve Chris Watson. The Bills are intrigued by the athleticism of Woolfolk and Reshean Mathis. Both are potential playmakers if they can overcome problems with techniques in coverage.

24 Colts Sammy Davis CB Texas A&M 21/
The Colts want more speed within their secondary. David Macklin is certainly upgradeable in their lineup. Troy Polamalu will also be a consideration at strong safety if he's available. The Colts could also look to trade down.

25 Giants Ty Warren DE Texas A&M 28th (+3) 22/
The Giants are desperate for more numbers and production at defensive tackle. Keith Hamilton is getting up in years and is coming off his Achilles injury. Cornelius Griffin has been subpar over the past two years as a starter. And depth is extremely thin. The Giants would also consider Kwame Harris if he falls here. A defensive end will also be under consideration here, especially if they can trade up for Jerome McDougle.

26 49ers Kyle Boller QB California 10th (-16) 8/
The 49ers will strongly consider a quarterback here to groom behind Jeff Garcia. Boller and Rex Grossman have been under the 49ers' eye. But there is a strong possibility that Baltimore trades down or someone such as Green Bay trades up past the 49ers for Boller. If they look beyond quarterback, wide receiver and defensive tackle will be considerations. Kwame Harris could also become an option if he slips through the cracks.

27 Steelers Rex Grossman QB Florida 29th (+2) 26/
The Steelers are debating what direction they will go here. They do have interest in Grossman because there is no sure bet that Tommy Maddox is a long-term answer, especially considering his age. It might be hard to pass up on Grossman if he falls here after they changed their minds at the 11th hour a few years ago regarding Chad Pennington. They also are giving Larry Johnson a lot of thought because Jerome Bettis hasn't been able to stay healthy and they aren't confidence having Amos Zereoue as a workhorse over a 16-game season. They will also consider Sammy Davis and Reshean Mathis if available to provide more speed at cornerback and move Chad Scott inside.

28 Titans Kelley Washington WR Tennessee 22nd (-6) 22/
The Titans will wait to see what falls to them and could very well trade out of this spot. Washington comes with baggage, but so did Albert Haynesworth last April. Giving Steve McNair a target like Washington is definitely a desire. But they are also intrigued with Tyrone Calico and could trade out of the first round for him. They also will keep an eye on cornerbacks, especially if Sammy Davis falls to them. And the offensive line will also draw some attention.

29 Packers Pisa Tinoisamoa LB Hawaii 29/
It wouldn't be a surprise for the Packers to either trade up for Kyle Boller or trade out of the first round. Rex Grossman will also be a strong possibility if available. The Packers are definitely looking at linebackers. Tinoisamoa and Nick Barnett will be strong possibilities, especially if they trade down.

30 Eagles Jason Witten TE Tennessee 17th (-13) 17/30
Andy Reid isn't going to reach here for a defensive end. A tight end is a strong possibility to groom behind Chad Lewis and also provide an extra boost to their passing game. Witten and Dallas Clark would be very nice fits for the Eagles. But they are also intrigued with L.J. Smith, but he's too much of a boom or bust pick, especially at this point of the draft. It also wouldn't be surprising to see an offensive lineman picked up here to provide depth. Willis McGahee? We'll see.

31 Raiders Michael Haynes DE Penn State 23/31
The Raiders lack healthy defensive ends, which could prompt them to pull the trigger on Haynes here.

32 Raiders Willis McGahee RB Miami 19th (-13) 19/32
The Raiders could pick up McGahee to groom behind Charlie Garner. They also go opt for another offensive lineman such as George Foster or provide more boost for their secondary. And don't be surprised if you hear the Raiders trying to trade up.
Fallen from the board (last week's ranking in parentheses):

Chris Kelsay, DE Nebraska (No. 23)
Dallas Clark, TE Iowa (No. 30)
Chris Simms, QB Texas (No. 31)
George Foster, OT Georgia (No. 32)