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    April 23, 2003 -- THE BOY wears No. 73, as the father did. The boy is compact, powerful, relentless and hungry, as the father was. The boy has a giant heart, as his father did. The boy comes out of Temple University, as his father did.
    Here comes Son of Klecko.

    The Jets were lucky to draft the father, Joe, in 1977. They will be lucky should they draft the son, Dan, in 2003.

    Ask the father - former truck driver, amateur boxer, semipro player - if the boy reminds him of himself.

    "In a way, yeah," blue-collar Joe said, "because he has a lot of the same attributes. He's a very strong kid and he's very quick."

    Does the son have the same temperament?

    "Almost exactly," Joe said. "He won't take no for an answer."

    The father cites the Virginia Tech game, when they tried to high-low the son.

    "He wound up drop-kicking one of 'em," Joe said. "The whole stadium booed him every time he came off and on the field."

    The proud father, delighted the son stood up for himself, was stationed on the sidelines, of course. "I said, 'Danny, how does it feel to be booed by 60,000 people?' He kinda laughed."

    The boy is close to 6 feet tall, a little shorter than the father; weighs 285 pounds, a little heavier than the father; bench-presses 520.

    "It's good to be compared to one of the greatest who ever played the game," Dan said yesterday.

    The boy was a tot when the father was tearing up the NFL.

    "I remember always being in the locker room," Dan said. "I didn't understand the game back then. The biggest thrill was being around all those guys."

    Jets Ken O'Brien and Rocky Klever would playfully work over the boy.

    "I remember him being like a clone of his dad," O'Brien said. "He was fearless. He wouldn't back down from anyone."

    One time, the boy, appearing to surrender, walked away from Dwayne Crutchfield, who had been picking on him. The father entered the locker room as the boy was exacting his revenge.

    "He walked around to the other side of the room," Joe said, "picked up a helmet and smacked Crutchfield with a helmet."

    "I guess I just had enough," Dan said, laughing.

    Dan was the 2002 Big East Defensive Player of the Year.

    "I said, 'Somebody needs to put an asterisk next to your name,' " Joe said. "He said, 'Why, Dad?' I said, 'Well, you can't be Big East Player of the Year and be 6-foot tall!' "

    The boy has studied the father. "I've seen tapes of him abusing anybody from the '80s you can think of," Dan said.

    The boy has tried to incorporate some of the father's game. "Dan was a good student," Joe said. "He actually believed his father knew something."

    The boy, 22 now, was asked for the father's best piece of advice. "Stay close to your family, God and the people you love," Dan said. "They're the ones who are gonna be there when football's all said and done."

    The best football advice? "Outwork everyone."

    The father of five, 49 now, lasted until the sixth round. The son might have the same incentive. "I was really mad," Joe said. "I went in with a little chip on my shoulder."

    No one could knock it off. "He was a [four]-time All-Pro," Dan said proudly. "Until I make [five], I don't think I can say I'm better than him."

    Someone will get their money's worth with Son of Klecko.

    "You're gonna get someone who comes to work for you every day," Dan said.

    Like father, like son.

    "He's a player," Joe said simply.

    Son of Klecko a Jet? "It would be a good story," Dan said, before adding, "I just want to play for whoever wants me."

    Someone should.

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    WE WANT KLECKO !-!-!-!-!

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    520 lb bench press? that will move some NFL OT's around...we have to grab him

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    Saw him play in High School. He was a DT/NG and believe it or not a fullback on O. He was even more impressive running the ball. Searching out defenders to smack in the snot box.
    I wish the hype would die down! I just have this feeling he is going to be snapped up in the 4ht or 5th round before us. I'm sure he is on the Tunas radar screen??

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    I would like to see us get "The Boy" and see how he does as a Jet.

    I know his father will certainly be supportive, yet I can't help but wonder if undue pressure will be brought to bear on this 22 year old prodogy because of his father's legacy on and off the field.

    I say if he comes, he should come to play for himself and the team, not 4 the ghosts of Jets locker room past.


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