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    I'm pretty sure that the Jets have ideas about 6/1 and where they're going to go with free agency. I'm sure the month of June will make us all happy. For right now i think we had a very solid first day of the draft. I'm very happy with our picks. Dewayne Robertson is the DT we have all been waiting for. Victor Hobson was mentioned by herm edwards in an interview i heard a few weeks ago so i was not shocked when i heard his name. This will be a very solid player. I don't know of BJ Askew but i feel good that we got a fullback on the depth chart behind sowell. A FB is not nesasarily an every down player so we needed another guy. We all have our favorites and players on our wish list, but who better to fit players into our offensive and defensive systems than the guys who run them. Lets see what tomorrow brings now, and what free agency brings. I remember how mad i was when we didn't get a cornerback in the first round of the draft a year ago and then a few days later we landed Donnie Abraham. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few days Marcus Robertson is a Jet. Thats not my first pick for a WR but will make a much more immediate impact than a 5th rounder since we have no fourth. I just hope tomorrow we can get weathersby in the 5th. I feel satisfied though.

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    1. DT DeWayne Robertson .......... A ~ Plus

    An absolute wrecking machine!!

    ================================================== ====

    2. LB Victor Hobson .......... B

    Better Speed than folks initially thought and a tough/aggressive hitter ... but not the type of blinding speed that would mirror the Tampa Bay mold.

    Future starter who can be a GOOD to VERY GOOD PLAYER ... but not spectacular and not that super fast LB who can wreck the game.

    Will easily replace Jones or Lewis in the very near future, as he can play both MLB and/or LOLB

    ================================================== ====

    3. FB BJ Askew .......... D

    Arguably the best FB in the draft, but solid FB's are a dime-a-dozen.

    Passed on the super fast OLB Cie Grant, who ironically was plucked with the very next pick. Also passed on the super fast OLB prospect, Shurron Pierson.

    Also passed on the speedy OLB and playmaker, Bradie James.

    Also passed on TALL WR's Justin Gage, Doug Gabriel, Billy McMullen, Walter Young, and others.

    Also passed on a number of fine CB (Julian Battle) and OG prospects.

    Also passed on a number of Speedy/Hard Hitting SS prospects ... who could have shortened the length of time we need to endure the slow-footed OLD MAN, Sam Garnes.

    Lastly, with no 4th RD Pick ... FB was simply NOT a luxury we could afford in this spot.

    This pick gets a "D" not because Askew is not a good football player (he is), but for all of the above reasons.

    ================================================== ====

    Overall Day One Grade ..... B

    If not for the absolute monster, DeWayne Robertson ..... the Jets would be lookin at a "C" ..... AT BEST

    Bottom Line: The Askew pick made NO EARTHLY SENSE ..... NONE WHATSOEVER!!


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