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Thread: Day 1 winners and losers

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    If you guys buy into what the "experts" have to say.

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    How in the world did Eric Steinbach last until the 2nd round? Teams all seem to want to hit a "grand slam" in the first round and foolishly tend to marginalize real solid football players like Steinbach. Bengals did well, but they'll still need to go CB tommorow.....Dallas did real well with Newman and Witten. Tuna pays immediate dividends.......Houston picked up some offense with a big play WR and a TE: Johnson, Joppru, plus OT Wand......Detriot got both Rodgers, Bailey and Redding.

    I said it before and I'll say it again: Arizona completely humilated itself. That was just awful. A WR that runs a 4.77/40 in the 2nd round? I thought their free agent pick ups were bad (E.Smith, Dexter Jax, James Darling, ect), but this group.....

    Giants also, in my opinion, stunk up the joint.


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