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Thread: A JC Article and link to info on the NFL Channel

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    No preseason NFL games this year on direct tv but probably next, good ingfo.

    Tues Jets Con Rep.

    Rookie TE Reid injured/Jets being careful w/Martin
    By Dan Leberfeld
    Date: Jun 17, 2003

    Rookie defensive end Matt Walters performed well at the OTA's. The word on him is that he has a great motor. Also, he can play both end and tackle. His versatility could come in handy if Josh Evans is suspended.

    The big question on Walters his whether is success in college was related to the unbelievable talent playing around him on the Miami defensive line. Remember two members of that line were picked in the first round (DE Jerome McDougle and DT William Joseph). Two other Miami defensive linemen were also picked in the draft as well. Imagine six defensive linemen from one school being picked in the same draft. That is pretty impressive . . .
    Rookie linebacker Mark Brown was one of the surprises of the OTA's At 6-0, 238 pounds with good quickness he is a Herman Edwards-type linebacker. He might have been undervalued in the draft process because he was hindered by a neck injury as a senior. He is now healthy . . .

    The negotiations continue with Jets first round pick Dewayne Robertson. His agent Hadley Engelhard is in town this week. The Jets have not begun talks with second round pick Victor Hobson . . .

    The Jets are very happy with the progress of third round pick B.J. Askew. The fullback position in the Jets offense is very complicated role and the team is impressed with how fast Askew is picking up the system . . .

    Rookie tight end Gabe Reid hurt his ankle in the OTA's . . .

    Curtis Conway and Chad Pennington are developing a quick chemistry . . .

    Curtis Martin is still not 100 percent recovered from his two sprained ankles, and will be limited in training camp. However he should be fine for the opener. If there was a game this Sunday, he could play, but the Jets are going to be very careful with him throughout the summer.

    "We have 48 practices, five preseason games before we play our first game," said Edwards. "He has a while yet."

    Martin had to limit his legendary off-season workouts because of the ankles.

    "I usually put myself though very strenuous workouts, but I couldn't this year," said Martin. "I just have to pay the price for playing on two sprained ankles this whole season."

    Martin suffered a high ankle sprain in Buffalo in Week One, and then sprained the other ankle against Kansas City in Week Five . . .

    The Jets were happy with the way the OTA's went, but Herman Edwards has no illusions about what successful off-season camps really mean.

    "That is a great part about our league," said Edwards. "Everyone feels good after the OTA's. Ever coach will tell you how good they feel." . . .

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    If Walters was a product of good talent around him at Miami not much should change here with Abraham, Ellis & Roberston.

    This past draft is shaping up pretty nicely.

    Good to hear about Askew and Conway fitting right in.

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    I've seen every game Walters has played in. He is the real deal. He is a player similar to Ellis. Not quite as big, but a huge motor. At Miami it wasn't a case he just had good numbers because the players around him were good. He helped make them good.............I'll do my Swami thing here and predict this kid will be in the regular rotation, and contributing by mid season.

    Thanks for the article Herm

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    Excellent Column ... thanks HH

    I recently mentioned Mark Brown as a sleeper worth keeping an eye on ... even had him making the team in my "53 Man Roster" post the other day.

    As for Matt Walters, I was not very excited about this pick on draft day, but have since warmed up to this player ... hearing nothing but good news.

    Initially I was one of those guys who felt he benifited from the talent that surrounded him at Miami, but I am now becoming more and more intrigued by his potential.

    Lastly, keeping my fingers crossed on Reid ... another kid that has recieved good reviews thus far.

    Thanks again, HH

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    Originally posted by pope@Jun 17 2003, 06:39 PM
    If Walters was a product of good talent around him at Miami not much should change here with Abraham, Ellis & Roberston.
    Good point, I was thinking the same thing.


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