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    While it mirrors many of the opinions voiced by other media pundits, this guy knows his stuff, (compared tothe Serby's of the world).

    Basically he says the Jets need to make up the production of Coles & Anderson. How easy will it be? I do think he's right about Moss. If the Jets use him as a deep threat only, it will be predictable. I also agree with him on the loss of Morton & Hall. Westoff can be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he doesn't take the field. The players do matter:

    Q: Chad Pennington really emerged as the leader of the Jets last year with Laveranues Coles as his primary target. How is the loss of Coles likely to affect Pennington's development and potential for success this season? How badly have the Jets been wounded overall by the Redskins' off-season raids on their roster?

    Jarret Cummings, Durham, N.C.

    GOSSELIN: I think the loss is huge. Coles was the speed on this offense. The Jets won't be able to stretch the field with Curtis Conway and Wayne Chrebet like they did with Coles. That means defenses will be packed a bit tighter for Curtis Martin, and the pass rush will be dialed up a notch for Pennington.

    The good news is that Pennington is not a mad bomber. He doesn't make his living heaving deep balls. He's a touch passer, known more for his accuracy than for his arm strength. He will miss Coles and his 89 receptions. He'll also miss fullback Richie Anderson and his 45 receptions. Anderson left for the Cowboys in free agency. His absence will impact the underneath passing game. Santana Moss will provide some deep speed, but he's not an every-down receiver. His appearances will be predictable.

    So the offense takes a step backward, but the defense takes a step forward with the additions of tackles Dewayne Robertson and Chester McGlockton.

    Special teams takes a couple of steps backward with the loss of kicker John Hall and kick returner Chad Morton, both to the Redskins. Washington also signed Coles and starting guard Randy Thomas. Those signings alone have tipped the balance of power away from the Jets in the AFC East.

    On paper, I think the Jets are now the fourth team in the AFC East behind Miami, New England and Buffalo. As far as Pennington, the better receivers, the better the quarterback. Pennington might have to be more creative and manufacture more plays than he did a year ago. You don't lose 138 catches from your offense without it impacting your quarterback. But I like him. He still has immense upside, which the Jets need to tap this fall.

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    Can we get a few thing straight?

    Thomas was a GUARD, not even a Pro Bowl guard at that.He's not Ogden or Pace. If anyone has video of Thomas roadgrading in front of Curtis Martin, I'd love to see it. Since IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. If the Deadskins want to pay him like he is a Left Tackle, that's a mistake.

    Anderson found a way to FUMBLE in big spots more than anyone else in football history. A warm bucket of blocking-capable spit at FB-say a backup guard-would have been better most of the time.

    Now, I don't know other teams all that well, but I know the Jets pretty well. This article is just another example of a good chunk(not all) of the press who package the conventional wisdom and call it Gospel. It's typical of the Peter King/Gary Meyers/Pete Prisco/USA Today/SI/Sporting News and a good chunk of the rest of t NFL writers, who will undoubtedly predict either the 'Fins or Raiders in the AFC and the Bucs or the Eagles in the NFC. They should just get together and write the same damn preview article and get it over with. I almost think we should delete all preview articles. Such opinions are like certain smelly body parts...Heck, Steve Serby has already christened the Giants as Super Bowl contenders. I actually think they have a very good coach in Fassel , but talent-wise, I don't remotely see that.

    Simply. SCREW THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM. The Jets have as good a chance as anyone to get a 1 or 2 seed in the AFC. We have a great DL; the best QB in the NFL, a solid OL and a healthy HoF RB. I'll take that chance.

    Conway may be just okay. But I say that Coles was more of a product of having Pennington at QB than vice versa. Let's see what Coles does with the immortal Patrick Ramsey slinging it to him. Me thinks that Conway with Pennington will at least approach Coles' 2002 numbers.

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    also randy thomas has a bum shoulder.

    amen bugg you tell em

    gotta love defy conventional wisdom

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    Well said Bugg-I could care less what the so callled experts think. It's the same thing every year. When the Rams won it they pretty much came out of nowhere as did the Ravens and Patriots. I am not talking superbowl for the Jets (but anything possible) it's just pathetic how people make predictions and are wrong each year.

    It's also weird how many people seem to dwell in much more negative than positive as far as the Jets are concerned. I have a good feeling about this team. The Dolphins are picked to win the division/superbowl just about every year and they always play well (except againts us) and when they play in december.

    This Jets team will do just fine

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    I don't think anyone should waste band space one these so called prognostications. I've seen the Pats placed first, last, and everywhere in between, Who cares??!! It is clear that there will probably be no more than a 3 game difference between first and last in the AFCE this year. And barring catastrophic injury, any team has a very legit shot at beating any team in the division. There just aren't any gimme's on the schedule. 11-5 will win the division and 7-9 is about the worst a team will do, if that.

    Of course that being said, those of you who keep saying the Jets weren't hurt this off season are simply whistling in the wind. The good news is, the Jets were the most talented team in the division last year, so the drop off doesn't make them losers, just less likely to win.

    Anyway, it will all come down to what happens in after thanksgiving and which team is playing best down the stretch. Last year it was the Jets, this year it will be the.......??????

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    I'll bet if you look around, you can find papers predicting the Jets finishing anywhere from Super Bowl Champion, to AFC Champ, To divisional Champ, to wildcard, to not making the playoffs, to dead last in the AFC East.

    This stuff is basically meaninless. Most teams are close enough that any of them could do as well as the other. I believe parity is the word.

    If this was Baseball, then for the most part, you know that Pittsburgh, the Brewers, Tigers, Tampa, Baltimore, Texas, etc. are non-contenders.


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