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Thread: LL on ESPN

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    Nice going, Limo Lady on 1050AM. Good job for hanging in the rain. Brendan was knocking you die-hards there. You changed his mind on that! Swayne? Dunno, I agree w/ this guy. The guy was impressed. You oughta marry him.

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    I stayed till the end also jumba ,too bad I saw kevin SWAYNE on the field alot but mainly used as a blocker most of the time he never got the ball thrown to him. After today A dome looks like a great

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    I coudn't help myself.......hehehehehe. :lol:

    Here I am sitting in traffic on the way home from the game - soaking wet - listening to ESPN and this sports jock is saying that he's a season ticket holder and a Jet fan, yet anybody who was at the game is a "nutball" and how great of a job Anthony Becht did!?

    I picked up my cell, called the radio station - got right thru to "Brandon" and told him "I was one of those nutballs out there today" and as much as I :wub: # 88 Anthony Becht, he's missing 2 out of every 3 catches he makes - same problem he's having @ training camp all week.

    KEVIN SWAYNE on the other hand, was making ALL of his catches at training camp from ALL 3 of the QB's and with precision timing and speed, yet U throw him into a pre-season game to run around and block?

    As for "Brandon's" marriage proposal...........we'll see. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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