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    Hello everyone. This is my first post on the board. Have been reading these message boards for quite sometime now however. The time has come for me to add another Jets jersey to my collection as none of the players jerseys whom I own are still with the team (Lott, Cox, V. Green and Coles). I was thinking about ordering a customized Jets jersey from as it does not appear that Reebok will be making any new Jets players jerseys for the upcoming 03 season. I have a question however, is the lettering you have done on a customized jersey the same as the lettering that appears on the Pre-Printed replicas that Reebok makes of Pennington, Moss, Abraham, Cowart, Chrebet, etc.? I ask because I would like the jersey to look as much as those preprinted replicas as possible. I have narrowed my selections to three players at this point. I would like to get a home and a white. The players I am mulling over at this point are McGraw, Jordan and Jason Glenn. Any thoughts or opinions on the customized jerseys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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    they are exactly the same

    as much as i love Glenn, Jordan i would caution you against getting those jerseys as they might not be around forever...

    when in doubt look at #1 draft picks and long term signings. Mawae, Martin, will be around forever. Moss and Drob got big deals as firsts. Chad most likely isn't going anywhere and probably not ABE (although not set in stone)

    McGraw is a good choice, he's a starter and young but also really on the longest contract... probably will be around for a while... kid looks like a player

    (btw NOT corey dillon for those keeping track)


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