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Thread: OMG ????how did this happen ???

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    I missed the game due to having to work all night.
    I thought I was taping it but someone changed the channels on me and didn't put it back :[img]' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='mad.gif'>
    how did he fracture his wrist ?????
    was it due to machado being in there ????? {paper said that machado was going to play due to K.W. being dinged up ?} if this sack of sh_t caused this ...this would be strike three with this P.O.S. machao


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    Well, the play prior to the injury Chad was rushed by the Giants defense with Fabini, Szott and yes Machado in there-- they got to him.

    Then the next play, 2 Giants rushed him again. Chad ran away and got pulled down by Giants Short #53, and in breaking his fall he landed on his wrist and broke it. McKenzie and Brent Smith did not stop the 2 Giants from getting to Chad.

    The defense for most of the game was swiss cheese, and OL just has not been doing the job protecting the QB's. Vinny was also under pressure when he came in and Bollinger was running for his life again. Something has to be done.


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