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Thread: Herman Edwards comments on Lawyer Milloy

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    Pats cut Milloy after failing to lessen Pro Bowl safety's cap hit Sept. 2, 2003 wire reports

    FOXBORO, Mass. -- The New England Patriots released Pro Bowl safety and team captain Lawyer Milloy on Tuesday, less than a week before his stunned former teammates will open the season.

    "Has it ever been this quiet in here? I don't think it has," linebacker Tedy Bruschi, Milloy's rookie roommate in 1996, said in the locker room. "I think 'shocked' is the word. ... You sort of just shake your head and ask yourself, 'Why?"'

    Milloy, 29, started 106 consecutive games going back to his rookie year, when the Patriots won the AFC championship. He led the team in tackles in 2001, when New England won the Super Bowl.

    But last year, he had no sacks, no forced fumbles and no interceptions, and 91 tackles was his lowest total since he became a full-time starter. Plus, he was due to cost the Patriots at least $5.25 million against the salary cap this year; the two sides had been trying to renegotiate his deal since April without success.

    "Today is a day that nobody is happy about. This isn't the way we wanted this story to end," coach Bill Belichick said. "This is the hardest player that I have had to release. It was the hardest situation that I've had to go through like this, here or anywhere else."

    Milloy's agent, Carl Poston, told KRIV-TV in Houston that the player asked to be released rather than take a pay cut.

    "We're not shocked by it," Poston said. "We were negotiating, trying to get something done, and obviously we weren't able to. As a result we thought our options looked better if he was released. It was either we take a pay cut or be released. So we chose to be released."

    The Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints reportedly expressed interest in Milloy. Poston said he would like to have Milloy with a new team on Wednesday.

    "Yes, we are interested," Bills spokesman Scott Berchtold said.

    The New York Jets also were said to be interested, but coach Herman Edwards indicated otherwise.

    "From what I hear, the numbers are too high," Edwards said, alluding to the salary-cap impact of signing Milloy.

    Lawyer Milloy, a seven-year vet, made his fourth trip to the Pro Bowl last season. (Getty Images)
    Milloy was in the fourth year of a seven-year, $35 million contract he signed in 2000. By cutting him, the Patriots save his $4.4 million salary, but have to count the rest of his $6 million signing bonus against their salary cap in 2003-04.

    "It doesn't surprise me, because I saw it with Drew (Bledsoe) and with Otis (Smith) and with just a lot of guys," quarterback Tom Brady said. "It is a tough business. It is really tough because there is never job security and it is not actually based on your performance, either. You can play at a Pro Bowl level and you could show up every day on time and never complain and be a captain and a leader. It is not about if it will happen, it is just when it will happen to each player."

    In all, the move could save New England less than $3 million on their cap this year. With the season opener at Buffalo on Sunday, it's not clear why it was done now.

    "It is scary in the timing," cornerback Ty Law said. "There's such a thing as good business and bad business. I don't know what category this one falls under. But to my eyes, and being selfish, at this late in the game and in regard to him and his family, I'm quite sure this is something that could have been done a long time ago."

    Law could be facing something similar a year from now. He signed a seven-year, $50 million deal in 1999 -- before Belichick came aboard -- and the Patriots reportedly are looking to reduce his cap hit, as well.

    "We thought we'd get this last year in together. We knew one, if not both of us, would be gone after next year," Law said. "We were trying to leave on a good note, with a championship. ... I'm going to still try to go out there and lead the younger guys as much as I can, to go out there and always play for Lawyer and remember one of my fallen soldiers."

    Milloy had taken all the practice snaps as the starting free safety. Now, the Patriots will have to choose from Antwan Harris, Aric Morris and Chris Akins.

    "With this tragedy, we're going to have to pull together even closer for this game in Buffalo," Harris said. "I feel like I'm ready. I'm ready to go out there and show what I can do. I'm not any Lawyer Milloy. I'm Antwan. I have to take my abilities and put them on the field."

    The Associated Press News Service

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    Reports out of Texas, where one of the Poston brothers was interviewed today, indicated that they (Milloy and his agents) knew they were not going to reach an agreement (you'd think their failures with Pace etc would have already given that away... ) and he actually asked to be released and just get it over with.

    I dunno whether or not thats true, since obviously I didn't see/hear the interview, just relaying the info.

    More importantly though, its obvious that the coaching staff knew this was coming, considering they kept 6 safeties on the 53 man roster. Now we're down to 52, so the big question is who fills that slot?

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    Victor Green was stopped for speeding going north on 95 this morning.

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    Originally posted by Jman21@Sep 3 2003, 04:45 AM
    Victor Green was stopped for speeding going north on 95 this morning.
    LOL. Nice one. :lol:

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    Drew's comments on Milloy....

    "When I heard the news this morning, I told anyone around here who would listen that we had to go get Lawyer," said Bledsoe from his Buffalo-area home last night. "I was as surprised as anyone because, as a former teammate and a friend, I understand as well as anyone what Lawyer brings to a team. I don't know the circumstances of what happened, but being his teammate and playing against him last year, this is a guy who is the heart and soul of your team.

    "I've never played with a better teammate. I've never been around a guy who can get a team as juiced up as he can. I've never been around a guy who has the respect of each and every one of his teammates. That's why it was so surprising to me and that's why I told our guys, `If you can get him here, he'll make such a difference.' I know we were working hard to make that happen."

    I hope Milloy ends up with the Bills, my 2 favorite Pats gone in the span of 2 years. I guess this is the downside to the salary cap, but I still like the idea of non-guaranteed contracts.

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    Really - who cares?

    We are going to slap the crap out of the patsie's - away and home - with or without Milloy anyway!

    Happy trails Lawyer................ :lol:


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