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Thread: A request we should send to Vinny.

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    Seriously now, people. If I'm a 17-year veteran, I'd like to believe that I have some idea of what works in what situation more than some fat, bald, old guy! The only thing I'd ever possibly give PH props for is his playbook. It's likely one of the most effective, point-scoring pieces of football genious (I almost feel dirty saying such a thing) ever written, but ONLY IF used correctly. Flat out, offensive paperwork mastermind or not, Paul has shown us time in and time out that he simply CANNOT get it done on the field.

    So I say why not give the idea a try? Sure, it might not make us any better off, but I guaran-dam-tee it wouldn't make us any worse off.

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    Thats the best advice I heard all day. Can you e-mail that to Vinny please.


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