Face it, no coaching or front office changes in 2003, but the following is a list of things they should strongly consider to have a more successfull 2003 and future.

1. Pass first, Run second. Use pass to set up the run. Keep Vinny's confidence up. Jets are one of the worst short yd run offenses in football. They OL is not suited to blow people off the line of scrimmage. There running game blocking schemes rely more on angles/speed/pulling. Curtis Martin does pretty well on sprint & delayed draws as well as sweeps. OL pass blocks much better than they run block.

2. Maintain a healthy balance of short, medium and long range passes.

3. Increase the playing time of Santana Moss (even if it means cutting back on playing time on other wr's. However, I would encourage them to to utilize more 3wr sets and sit down a FB or TE).

4 Vinny, I know you are no Michael Vick, but you no Dan Marino either. Tuck the ball away a run for a few yards every once in a while.

5.No substitution for Youth! Let' make sure we intergrate plenty of young and healthy bodies on defense. Bryan Thomas (rotation) should be given a chance to contribute and Victor Hobson should begin to see a steady diet of playing time. On Offense, Chris Baker, Lamont Jordan (already mentioned Moss) should be given some additional playing time.

6. Conservative play is boring on both side of the ball. Take some risks ie. trick plays on offense and special teams. Mix up coverages, blitz and rotate fresh bodies on defense.

7. Regardless of the Jets record, don't rush Pennington back into the line-up until he is 100%. If he can comeback later in the year and play out a string of games that would great.

8. To be a superbowl contender, need to reshape dynamic of the team in 2004. bigger and stronger OL are needed. Infusion of young LB's and CB's. A young big playmaking WR and some additonal depth at Safety and DE. A younger and more mobile no 2 QB who is suited for the West Coast Offense. A TE that can run after the catch.