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Thread: It has to happen!

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    This team sucks right now trying to get "IT" together.

    However they are just not making the plays that they made last season to get it done.

    We all know about the personnel decisions in the offseason and can second guess till the cows come home. But the fact is:

    We should have won 2 out of the three games!

    I know shoulda,woulda,coulda...and all that but somehow this year we are right in position and fail to make the play.

    This team is not that far off, but if they lose Sunday we can all bring the torches and pitchforks.

    I truly believe they will win Sunday and look good. this IS THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR.

    At home, against the TUNA and our backs against the wall.

    If they come out flat and lose then you can truly say it's over.

    Herm would have officially lost the team.

    But I believe that this team has too much heart to let it go down like that. Mo, Vinny, Cmart, and Jones pretty much know this is the end if they don't wake up.

    This is the biggest game of the Herm/Bradway era. They win, we're still hurt but have a chance.

    They don't it's a wrap.

    But here's the scenerio folks.

    Jets 24
    Boys 16

    Bye week (time for rest and reflection)

    Jets 31
    Bills 19

    Hou 13
    Jets 21

    Joe Willy prediction with the fur coat on (circa 1969) haha

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    Originally posted by Chase@Sep 22 2003, 10:03 PM
    Mo, Vinny, Cmart, and Jones pretty much know this is the end if they don't wake up.

    "If they don't wake up"?

    Hey, it's the end for Jones and Mo whether this team goes 0-16 or wins the super bowl.

    The shelf life on them expired like, yesterday.

    I really don't think they give a crap about winning or losing. I really don't. Honestly, why should they? They got their millions, and nobody is gonna hold them accountable, nobody has yet, and even if they get benched, so what, they still have their money, and they've pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that they will retire without a ring. At one point in time, it was probably important to them.

    But you stop and think about what Mo Lewis has been through, here:


    And now Herm. Mo saw the writing on the wall. It would be his destiny to finish out his career in a defensive scheme I bet he loathes.

    And I bet it burns him up inside to know that, as of late, he's the goat, and the butt of all jokes.

    I bet deep down inside, there's a part of him that would like to shove the playbook right up herm's wazoo.

    But there's another part that just shrugs it off, and says, why bother?


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