As Red Barber used to say ...

"The Yankees are sitting in the Catbird Seat"


1. Yankees clinch in four

2. Yankees can set-up their rotation any way they see fit

3. Yankees appear to be in pretty good health

4. Yankees can sit back and relax for a couple of days, recharge those batteries for the ALCS

5. Red Sox & Athletics are caught in a death match

6. Both teams were forced to fly back to the West Coast for a GAME FIVE

7. Both teams will be using their Aces tonite ... and they will go as LONG/HARD as is necessary, cause there is no tomorrow for the loser

8. A's are looking mighty banged-up in the pitching department

9. The winner will need to fly right back to the Bronx, another 3,000 mile flight, for the start of the ALCS on Wednesday ... where a rested Yankee team will be waiting for them

10. The Yankees are sitting in the Catbird Seat