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Thread: The premise that this team is only as good...

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    Precludes the assumption that Herm and his coaching staff are worthless.


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    to some extent... herm and the CS haven't adjusted well to the loss - when Chad went down they should have scrapped the playbook and started over... it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that vinny can't run the WCO, yet the CS continue to force him to try.

    in fairness to the CS though hindsight is always 20/20 and that approach may have not worked as well - unlike 2001 when the Henning playbook was still fresh in everyone's mind - its been 3 years since the JETS have run anything BUT a WCO and its very possible that even if they scrapped it and went to a new playbook they would still be 0-4. Its just a tough situation.

    also in fairness some of the signings were crap. Conway is a dog. Nutten retired... any1 else remember OG Chris Naeole was out there but TB and co didn't want to pony up the funds... whether thats ownership being cheap its hard to say. I believe that to an extent, all of the JETS moves were cheapos. and they still have like 5 mil against the cap...

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    We all get it. You want Herm and Co fired. You've been saying this for the past 5 weeks. For gods sakes already, go have a drink or something.

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    and take me with you

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    I want to tag along for some beers with dude and pacman. When were good and drunk, well go herm hunting and save our team


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