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Thread: Kobe Bryant Hearing

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    If they have medical evidence consistent with bruisng, abrasions or choking on this girl's neck, he's in deep trouble. It's even worse if the bellman she cried out to corroborates her story.

    Summary Of Accuser's Statement To Det. Doug Winter
    Alleged Victim Tells Detective She Was Raped From Behind, Against Chair

    Eagle County Detective Doug Winter said he interviewed the alleged victim at the sheriff's department.

    The alleged victim told Winter that she was excited about meeting Bryant when she heard that he would be a guest at the resort. She said that while she was showing Bryant and two people in his entourage up to their rooms, he pulled her aside and asked her to give him a tour of the hotel.

    She said there was "mutual flirting" during the tour, Winter said.

    She said Bryant invited her back to his room and she went in and sat on a couch while he sat on a chair nearby. They chatted about tattoos and he asked her to show the tattoo she said she had on her back. She lifted her skirt and showed him. He asked if she wanted to go in the hot tub and she said no.

    He said that her shift was ending and that she wanted to go home. "She was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable," Winter said.

    When she thought she was leaving, she asked for his autograph in which he replied that he would give it to her later when she came back to his room.

    She said he asked her for a hug and she gave him one and then he began kissing her mouth, her neck -- actions she said she agreed to. She said the kissing lasted about 5 minutes. She said he then began to grope her breasts and butt. He began putting his hand under her panties, and she told him that she had to leave.

    She said she was trying to leave when Bryant "grabbed her around the neck," Winters said.

    She said that he was trying to block her movement. She said she was afraid and he started to follow her as she moved toward the door. She said that he had both of his hands around her neck and was "controlling her movements."

    She said he then bent her over a chair, pulled up skirt and pulled her panties down. She said that she told him that she needed to leave "and at one point, stated 'No,'" Winter said.

    She said she began crying when the sexual intercourse started and didn't stop until it was over about 5 minutes later. She said the sex was painful.

    She said that while the intercourse was occurring he asked, "You're not going to tell anyone, right?" She said no. He asked her to look at him and again confirm that she would not tell anyone. She said she did that because she was afraid he would hurt her even more. She said when the incident was "about to end" she started prying his hands off her neck, and then she said he stopped.

    She said she turned around and pulled up her underwear. The woman said that Bryant forced her to kiss his penis after the attack. She said Bryant asked her to go clean up in the bathroom. She said before she left, Bryant told her she shouldn't tell anyone. She said she then ran down to the front desk and told the bellman everything that had happened.

    Winters said that while he was interviewing her, there was another deputy in the interview room as well as a victim's advocate. The interview was videotaped but the videotape was not allowed to be submitted in the preliminary hearing because it was deemed too prejudicial. An audiotape of Kobe Bryant's statement was also pulled from the preliminary hearing.

    Winter said that before she began telling her story, he told her that if this was a false accusation, that she would be in big trouble. She said that she understood.

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    Yeah - this is bad news for Kobe. I have a younger brother who is living out in Colorado right now. (He graduated from college and is essentially smoking pot and snowboarding for a while until he gets his life started - my parents are trilled :blink: ) But anyway he works at another hotel and has buddies who all worked with and know this girl. For what it's worth, he says that nobody up there thinks Kobe did it.

    I was inclined that way too, but if this evidence does materialize, Kobe is in big trouble. Bruises "down there" are explainable and certainly occur during vigorous, consensual activity (especially if the guy is six-foot-eight and proportionally endowed&#33 but any marks on this girls' neck may be all she wrote for the Kobster. I am not rooting for Kobe at all...I just prefer evidence prior to assuming guilt and am skeptical of He Said-She Saids, especially if some "consensual" activity admittedly occured. Not saying that assault cannot happen during an encounter that begins as consensual - of course it can - just saying that my gut reaction was to assume innocence. But I am not sure about anything anymore and Kobe appears to be in big trouble.

    I can understand if they do not allow a sexual history as admissable, because some dude who felt this girl up in eigth grade has no bearing. However, when that history is in fact germane - my new favorite word - to the actual, physical evidence, than it has to be allowed, IMO. For example, bruises near or inside the goal may be plausibly explained by increased frequency of sexual activity in a short period of time immediately prior to the alleged assault. Therefore, it IS relevant if this girl did, in fact, have sexual intercourse in the days prior to Kobe. But bringing up boy after boy to testify that this girl is a slut isn't really relevant - sluts can be assaulted too.

    Kobe is facing, in theory, LIFE in prision. Wow. He's a coward and an a-hole if he did it and I have no sympathy for people who abuse women. Gutless. Feminism aside, men can't go around laying hands on women - it's just not right. This may seem simple-minded to some in the Woman Power movement, but it's just the way it is. Everyone knows this is true, whether they admit it or not....

    This will be bigger than OJ, 10X, and will take years. I hope the that Kobe is allowed to defend himself, as I think shield laws get abused in favor of accusers at times, but if the gov't really does have all of this evidence, it is tough to think he's innocent.

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    My first inclination was that if this girl went into his hotel room and was voluntailry kissing him, it is he said/she said, reasonable doubt, game over.

    But this from behind//bent over a chair/grabbing her neck with both hands/kiss it stuff is out there. And the image of this girl screaming "No!" is going to resonate with middle class jurors. Yes, she may be morally lax, but that doesn't give Bryant the right to treat her like garbage.


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