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    Read the following interview of Jessica Lynch done by Katie the Commie. It is with Lynch and the author of her book, Rick Bragg, a reporter for that very fair and never slanted NY Times.

    Notice how the questions are all front-loaded against the military; Katie the Commie literally asks then answers the questions and when help is needed here comes the NY Times to the rescue.

    They would've been better off not even asking Jessica to join them as Katie the Commie and Bragg did a fine job by themselves!

    (interview is long so I just posted a link)

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    I just watched the entire 17 minute interview and I just didn't see it that way.

    That's not to say I've never seen Katie Couric do interviews that were completely unfair and slanted heavily with liberal innuendo mixed in with sarcastic self righteousness......I have on many occasions.

    But in this particular case I thought she went against what probably was her better judgement IMHO and tried to play it fairly straight.

    She did venture briefly into the taping of the rescue and spent about a minute on the erroneous reports of her going down fighting but IMHO those are fair questions to ask and they were not turned into the main topic of the interview. the end Katie mentions she will soon be conducting an interview with Pvt Lynch and her family and it'll be interesting to me to see if in that type of forum Katie will take the gloves off and toss out the leftist innuendo and self righteousness that us conservatives find so endearing about her.


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