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Thread: Madden Tournament in San ANtonio

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    Apr 2003
    This tournament had some great players from all over Texas and New Mexico. There were over 500 of players who all thought they were superior. Well, I won my first game in Double OT, then I beat the next guy by 8. The third guy was supposed to be destroying everyone in 2 minute quarters between 30-40 points!!!... I played him and he was Vick of coarse...just like everyone else. I beat his ass 28-8. THen I made it to the next bracket where there was only 50 left standing, and I was one of them. I lost the toss, and he elected to kick.

    I lost the coin toss in the 4 th round and he elected to kick to me. I proceeded to score an easy touchdown. THen he got the ball and ran the ball with vick and broke ALOT of tackles. THen he ran the clock down and scored a TD with 10 seconds left in the half. The half came to a close 7-7.

    This guy then recieved the ball and proceeded to run out these 2 min quaters. He ran out the entire second half and kicked a FG with 1 second left and I wound up loosing 10-7 to a guy who I know I was better than. Problem was I only had the ball on the first possesion of the game and never got it back. This guy had a great strategy, and I should have seen it coming.

    It was fun, but I know I could have taken it all in the end. Too bad when I realized what he was doing with the clock it was too late. He found a way to beat me and my high powered offense.

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    Vinny..dont feel bad. I lost 10-7 in the NYC tourny to a guy that I should have schooled in the prob was that i should have picked a team to cheese with like san fran or green bay...

    Anyway, you represented JI well...I think you got the farthest of anyone who plays in our tourny...I think bit made it to the 3rd round...



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