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    I've been looking forward to seeing Mark Brown on the field. Make it happen, Herm!

    Rookie LB could take Abraham's roster spot

    Friday, December 12, 2003

    Star-Ledger Staff

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- The Jets yesterday officially placed Pro Bowl DE John Abraham on injured reserve with a strained groin, and are considering signing rookie free-agent middle LB Mark Brown, a Paterson native, off their practice squad, coach Herman Edwards said.

    Abraham, who has missed five of the past six games, joins KR Michael Bates, WRs Jonathan Carter and Wayne Chrebet and FS Jon McGraw on IR. Abraham wont need surgery.

    "It's to the point where it's tough on him, he can't go," said Edwards, who has two open roster spots.

    Brown, the 6-0, 238 pounder from Auburn, was one of the stars of the early training camp before he was slowed by a strained hamstring and among the Jets final cuts. He was a favorite of Edwards, and the Jets signed him to their practice squad in September.

    "That (adding Brown) could happen," Edwards said. "If he can help us (on special teams), he's a guy who might come up. We think he has a little bit of a future here. He's a tough guy, a physical guy and has pretty good instincts. Were going to try to get him on the field before the season is over. If not, he's in our plans for next year."

    Said Brown: "I'm very excited. If I'm activated, its like your dream come true. You're in the NFL playing with all these great players. It's no secret we have some veteran linebackers. I'm going to keep working hard and eventually I'll get my chance.

    "Being on the practice squad has helped me a lot, going to meetings and see how the older guys know so much about different things. In the NFL, you have to not only know what you're doing but what the other guys are doing. There's more to the game than just lining up and playing your position."

    DT Dewayne Robertson

    has 6 1/2 tackles for losses, a team high, but continues to be inconsistent, Edwards said. He wasn't credited with a tackle or an assist in Buffalo last Sunday when Bills RB Travis Henry ran amok.... WR Wayne Chrebet (concussion) is feeling much better and works out lightly. He's going to play football (next year), Edwards said.... Recently signed WR Lawrence Hamilton (6-2, 204 pounds) has been impressive in practice but won't be activated this week.

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    I don't know who Mark Brown is. I slightly remember him from camp. Anyone have any info on him.

    I hope Herm gives some of these young guys a chanch to play so the Jets can see if we have any diamonds in the rough.

    I doubt if Herm is going to give them much playing time, he still seems to think they have a shot.

    I don't care if they are 8-8 or 5-11 this year. I am going to be a Jets fan next year and the year after, and the year after ect. We are already in a painful losing season. i would like to see the losing end here.

    If there are any players on the roster who can help prevent the Jets from being in this situation again next year, I think the Jets need to see them play now.

    Alot of players are game day players and coaches have a hard time seeing the talent in pratice.

    With the cap situation being what it is, they have to find some cheap young players who can contribute.

    I don't want to see the Jets evolve into a perennial 8-8 team who has nothing to look forward to in December except to see if they will be .500.

    In today's cap era every team has to go through a rebuilding year in order to get competitive again.

    Most teams clean house of their overpaid and underachieving Vets, and clear their cap situations the year the FO and CS change.

    This administration didn't do that. They felt they were still competitive, and complicated the situation by extending contracts to Chrebet, Vinny and Martin. In fairness to them they did make the playoffs the last two years.

    This is a very good draft year for the positions that the Jets need the most. The finish poorly and trade down for multiple draft picks scenario that GJ&H laid out in a post a few days ago is by far their best option to get healthy quickly.

    I wonder if the Jets FO has the vision to see that also.

    The time has come

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    Originally posted by FlaGreen@Dec 12 2003, 08:59 AM
    I don't know who Mark Brown is. I slightly remember him from camp.

    Anyone have any info on him.
    Considered a sleeper MLB in last years draft

    Nagging injuries throughout his college tenure made it tough to get an accurate read on this player ... lots of game-time was lost due to injury {never anything serious} ... but when he was healthy he was a very good MLB for Auburn

    In spite of his nagging injuries and missed games, most draft guru's expected him to be drafted on DAY TWO ... based solely on talent & upside

    DIDN'T HAPPEN ... Brown went undrafted and the Jets signed him as a UDFA

    I have read that other teams that made a run at Brown following the draft, but the Jets obviously made the best sales pitch ... or perhaps this young man {or his agent} were smart enough to scan the landscape and discern that Brown's best shot, being a MLB, was with the linebacker-challenged JETS

    Lastly, at the time I called Mark Brown one of the best UDFA snags for the Jets ... if not THEE best

    That doesn't guarantee a darn thing ... who am I ... that was JMO ... we'll see?


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