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    Whenever the subject of best QB's of all time comes up, I always mention Graham. He was the original superstar quarterback. I could go on about his accomplishments and records, but there is one that stand above the rest and casts a shadow on any other QB who has ever played.

    He was a starting QB for 10 years who never missed a game, and only lost 17 of those games. 107-17-4 regular season record. He lost 3 more in Championship games for a 7-3 record while playing in a championship game every year of his pro career.

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    BucJeff...You mentioned what I think is the most impressive stat in the HISTORY of sports!!! He led his team to 10 straight championship games in all 10 of the years he played!!! That is un-real!!! I am so impressed by that stat that I cant even describe my feelings.

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