Dean Clarifies Latest Clarification

Presidential candidate Howard Dean today issued a reclarification of yesterday's clarification of his weekend remarks urging DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe to "pop a cap in they ass," refering to his rivals for the Democratic nomination. Dean also remarked that "if [former DNC Chair] Ron Brown was still in charge, sucka MCs be stiffin' in the park like Vince Foster."

In his initial clarification, Dean said that he "in no way implied that the late Ron Brown was responsible for the tragic suicide of Vince Foster," and said that "I have every confidence that Chairman McAuliffe is ready to get his swerve on and lay a cold set-trippin' on them *****es Kerry and Lieberman."

Today, Dean further clarified these remarks by saying that, "I have an old-fashioned notion that my rivals should get a fair hearing before we break out the MAC-10s."

Dean has been under increasing attack from other candidates, and many Democratic insiders fear it will be difficult to heal the rift between the party's traditionally powerful 'sleaze wing' and Dean's emerging 'insanity caucus' before the 2004 general election........

Funny yet close to being true