So, now were all looking at Gunther Cunningham. O.K., I'm with it, but will it happen?

I absolutely killed the Jets for droping the ball on G. Williams, and I'm sorry, that is precisely what happened with him. He was the best available at the time. Now, everyone the Jets seemed to be leaning toward is hired, unavailable, or still involved with the playoffs while the Jets have already hired their DB and DL coaches. So where do they go from here?

Cunningham is experienced and by all accounts an aggressive, fiery, option for DC. So, he was a failure as a HC. So was Williams...heck, so were Buddy Ryan and yep, Pete Carroll. These guys got picked as HC based on their ability as a DC, unfortunately many times ability as a coordinator doesn't translate, that does NOT take away from their ability to be excellent at their previous positions as DCs. I see Cunninghamm as a good option for our DC. He was a 4-3 guy, which the Jets will be running, and if we want to see John Abe moved to LB and become a "D. Thomas" type OLB, I can't think of a better guy to work on that than someone who worked with the original.

That being said, will it happen? Will the Jets, now that Gunther is available, make the move and get it done? Can they sell him, with the team already having hired D-coaches? That is yet to be seen.

I hope so, they need to get these guys together quick and get their staff questions settled.

OK, next question...where do the Jets look in the draft? D again, or address the lack of playmakers on O?
Chrebet or no, the Jets NEED another playmaker on Offense to take the focus off Moss and balance the attack. We NEED a WR who can go over the middle in traffic and beat Bump and Run, 'cause the book is out on our current offense...Play man up bump and run vs. the Jets diminutive WR corp, and Pennington simply CAN NOT cope and gun it in. He NEEDS a big guy to throw to. Its a fact.

That being said, what if S. Taylor is available? Or a Big time LB? The Jets NEED speed on D, and getting a FOR REAL guy in the secondary will give the Jets a Playmaker on all 3 levels of D - Evans/D-Rob/Ellis on the line, Hobson/Abe(?) at LB and SOMEBODY in the secondary. That would be a good start.

Well, those are just my thoghts this evening. I'm tired of slamming the current admin, it doesn't do anything but raise my BP so I'll just reserve judgement till I see what goes down from here till April.

Either way, if the Jets start 1-3 this season, then I will be calling for an IMMEDIATE ouster. Enough is Enough