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Thread: which combo is beter

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    Jul 2003
    vilma and winfield
    nate webster/ deangelo hall

    and then draft wr in second rd..

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    JONATHAN VILMA and ANTONIO WINFIELD would be a great combo !

    If we can get a 2nd rounder like Darius Watts from Marshall (yes Chad's old teammate) I'd be ecstatic

    Check out Watts' stats >>>

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    I'd go Webster & Hall

    That would keep Hobson at his same position as last year, put Webster in the Middle and J.Abe on the other side.

    D. Hall is an outstanding return guy as well.

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    vilma and vinfield.....

    vouldn't dat be nice .......

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    I would prefer a Williams (prefferably roy but reggie will suffice) in the first & Rod Davis (nasty MLB)in the second, we get this and I don;t care who else we pick in the draft cuz we have allready made our team much better. ALoot of mock drafts have Roy actually falling to us, allot of those teams with picks ahead of us all have allot of needs on defense that means a pretty good chance we end up with a stud WR or maybe even a Winslow


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