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Thread: trade with redskins?

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    Since everyone else is making up trade ideas regardless of how bad they are I figured I would join.....

    jets get
    rd 1 pk 5

    redskins get
    john abraham
    lamont jordan
    rd 5 pk 12

    In a year were id rather trade for draft piks then players, we land number 5 and snag Taylor(the next ronnie lott) or fitzgerlad( the gentleman versoin of randy moss )

    LOL well obviously this trade wouldnt happen but what do you guys think? Is it equal?

    I like this trade because it would enable us to get younger, more options in this draft. And we would be sure to resign mckensie, ellis, and pennington. The manjor hate im sure i will receive from this trade thought is how could we afford to sign picks 5 and 12? Well hopefully we can trade down from 12.........but if not we still would be able to sign them because we wouldnt have to worry about resigning abe to a superstar contract or jordan.

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    Mighty generous for the 'skins. The trade would help with two enormous problems for them (running back, DL) with a pro bowler in Abraham and another guy in Jordan who has shown he has the talent to be a first string RB in the NFL. And they are both young.

    The way you have the deal is incredibly lopsided. Keep in mind that draft picks are risky, even first round draft picks. You have to weigh that heavily when considred against proven, high quality players already established in the NFL.

    I'd consider it in exchange for the #5 pick and a later round pick, but no way with the Jets giving up any picks. And the only reason I'd consider it is because Abraham has injury tendency.

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    i don't think the trade is that far off...actually maybe lopsided the other way in terms of how top 5 picks are traded...think about it this way...if you traded each of those guys individually what would you expect to get for them...i would say a first for abe and either a 2nd or 3rd for that doesn't seem so bad, a first, 2/3 and 5 for the number 5...seems like a good trade for the jets...


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