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    I want to sell some jerseys I have but I cant figure out how to calculate the shipping price so the future buyer can pay shipping.

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    If its just Jersey's than it should be $3.95 priority I believe. Hopefully someone can verify this for me.

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    I've sold a few things on eBay before. To figure out shipping costs, I just do a search for the same, or similar items, and set the same price for shipping as I see on other items after checking a few of the hits. Most of the time the shipping charges are very much in line across similar items. Thus far I've never had a problem with the charges being too far off.

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    I sell things on ebay, and Priority shipping sounds like it would do the trick (under 2 lbs). Of course, if you want to selll the jerseys outside the USA, that's another story. I'd stick to selling only to the USA.

    Not sure how much you want to sell, etc..but you can go to the USPS website, and order free shipping cartons, as well as have the ability to print prepaid shipping labels so you don't have to deal with the crazies at the post office. That's what I do. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions...


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