This year's draft leaves the Jets in a decent position believe it or not. When you're thinking about who the Jets will draft just take a look at the positions the Jets are truly not set at or where they have aging, or "on the bubble" players.

Middle Linebacker: Sam Cowart (if he's not on this year, he will be released). Backups there are alright.
Cornerback: If Donnie Abraham remains a Jet past this upcoming year, I and a few of us will be shocked.
The Jets don't have a good back up plan in the secondary as well, especially when they don't
know how good Barrett will be. I like him, but you gotta cover your ass if you're the Jets.
Guard: Big need, but because Gallery will be gone, look for the Jets to get a young quality guard in the
later rounds.
Safety: Biggest quandery the Jets have. Is McGraw going to stop being a woman? Who knows.
However, there are a couple of good safeties in the 2nd and possibly 3rd rounds. They won't get
Taylor unless they trade up, we know this.
Defensive Tackle: Jason Ferguson is pretty much used up, but we have some pretty good guys who could
hold down the fort for now.

All in all, the secondary is suffering the most damage and needs to be built up starting with the draft. They could look at linebacker, but it is not nearly as big a need as the secondary. DeAngelo Hall would certainly fit the bill. Possibilities: Either of the Miami linebackers, D. Hall, or Wilfork. Don't count out S. Jones, or Sanders from Iowa.

By the way: UAB just beat Kentucky 76-75 and even better, I had it picked!